Fiv Realty is a high-split, low-cap, cloud-based brokerage that believes in collaboration with a growth mindset. We empower real estate agents to take Fiv steps forward to achieve success and build wealth.

Our VISION is for everyone to enjoy the benefits of home ownership.  To create stability, opportunity, wealth and pride of ownership while enriching the lives of individuals, families, communities and society.

Our MISSION is to always be the clear choice in a real estate company when making a move.

Nazar Kalayji

Nazar Kalayji



Nazar Kalayji

Nazar began his career in real estate in Riverside County, CA in 2004 where he quickly realized his desire to expand and grow.  He founded Provident Real Estate soon after and has grown his team to 50+ agents producing 164 million in transactions each year.  He liked the idea of agents being able to earn passive income so he founded FIV Realty, where he continues to grow the brand all across the US.  

We are excited you are interested in joining our BROKERAGE!

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