One Simple Step to Get More Real Estate Clients


One Simple Step to Get More Real Estate Clients

Nazar Kalayji: [00:00:00] Today’s Thursday, September 7, 2023. And what I think that is one of the struggles that we have, and we’ve talked about this before as, as agents, our challenge is that we don’t talk to enough people every single day. I know that we talked about this in our in our leadership call yesterday. I wanted to extend that invitation for all of you guys today.

We’re going to do some actual workshop type of things. Okay. So today I want you guys to, even though I usually tell you to get off your phones, I’m going to tell you to get on your phones today. Okay. So I want you guys to get your phones. Get them ready. Hopefully you guys are on or not on your phone.

Seems like Matt Farnham might be on his phone. Hopefully you’re not, but even if you are, I think you can still like jump out of it and do it. I want you guys to send five text messages today. Like literally right now, we’re going to do this together as, as a group. [00:01:00] Here’s what I want you to send text messages to.

You can pick either it’s to past clients or it could be current clients. I want you to pick one of those two. Now, if you don’t have five past clients or current clients, hopefully you do. But if you don’t, then I want you to include five to your sphere, people that you know, that, that you have their contact information that they, if you send them a text message, you’re not going to be like, who’s this, right?

They’re going to know who you are. So while you get your phones out. I want you to send them a text message to five people, and then we’re going to wait for everybody to be done. And I think it’s going to be really important. Now, what I did is I went on chat GPT and I asked it to tell me a couple different things or give me a couple of different lines here.

I said, if I wanted to send a message to my text message or text message to my past clients, you know, what would be one that you can send? And it came up with a couple of them. It said, you know, Hey, John, it’s always a pleasure serving you know, amazing clients like yourself. If you have any friends or family considering a move, I’d love to provide them with excellent service.

Thanks in advance for any referrals [00:02:00] that you have. I like this one here. It says Hey, John, I’m expanding my client base and thought to reach out. If you know anyone that is in real, or if anyone, if you know someone in need of expert real estate expertise, I’d be grateful for the introduction. Thank you in advance.

For always being a value part of my journey or value part of my, my part of my journey again, like it, it could be very concise and very simple. Obviously if you make a connection, if, if it is a, it is a past client or a sphere or current client, if you wanted to add something that like makes a connection with you and them that you guys have, that’s even better.

So it doesn’t come off as like being this generic, scripted thing that you say, but no matter what it is, I want you guys to do that ex that, that exercise with me, okay? And I’m gonna wait until everyone does it and then is done. So I want you guys to get your phones out. I know this can sound scary if you haven’t, especially if you haven’t done this, you’re not used to this.

Again, it could be a past client, it could be a current client, or it could be someone from your sphere. I want you to take a moment [00:03:00] and send them a text message. And I want you to do that to five people. Okay? Now those of you guys that are in that office there, can you guys all hear me? Yes? I don’t see you guys with your phones on.

So where are your phones? Go get your phones out. I want you to send five text messages to people, past client, current client, or your sphere and, and ask him for a referral. Now, again, ideally you would say like a better intro, right? Like, Hey, how’s it going? You know. If you haven’t talked to him for a very long time, you might want to say, hopefully doing good.

You know, I apologize for not having connected with you in a while. You know, you can, you can say, I have a goal between now at the end of the year to help one, two, three, four, however many families out and buying or selling real estate. And so I wanted to reach out to all of my good friends and clients and see if that any, [00:04:00] or if they know anybody that’s looking to make a move.

And you can even say. You know, this person, if you know anybody that’s looking to move, even if it’s out of our area, I’m still able to make that connection and refer you to an agent that’s out of the area. Okay. All right. Who’s already done one? Raise your hand. Okay. Fantastic. I’ve got two here. Sorry, we had some requests.

Are you able to fix that you were sending out or that you were that you were in the chat or read them again? Yeah, I can read those two. I mean, they’re not fantastic, but I will read them. Again, this is the one from. If you were going to send it to your current client, you’d say, Hey, John, I hope you’re enjoying our collaboration so far of any friends or family come to mind who might benefit from my services.

I’d be honored to assist them. Thank you so much for considering me as a trusted resource. That’s kind of cool. And there’s one says, Hey, John, as we continue to work together, I aim to exceed your expectations. If you have any acquaintances looking to buy or sell, I’m here to [00:05:00] help. Your word of mouth can make a difference.

Thank you so much for your continued trust. It’s actually not a bad one. And then this last one I gave me, it says, Hey, John, as we navigate your, your your property journey, I’d love to help others on theirs. If you know anyone in need of real estate guidance, please feel free to share my contact. Your trust and referrals are my highest compliments.

And in fact, I can copy these here and put them in the chat. So you guys can get those if you want, if you want them.

So you can literally copy one of these. Take the client’s name and put their correct name on them. Just send those out. If you don’t want to think about it, we can go to, you know, the chat GPT and ask him more specifically, you know, what would be beneficial to you progress. That is that’s right progress.[00:06:00]

Okay, who’s got two done already?

Who’s got all five done already? Still working?

I don’t know if you guys are have have done this before or not when you’re calling on mojo dialer If you guys ever have been on there before where you’re calling just cold calling it’s what what ends up happening for me Is that i’ll make these calls and a lot of times people don’t pick up right for whatever reason And then i’ll finish my session of calling on mojo And then what all ends up happening is that during the day also getting phone calls from people back just returning phone calls that they’d missed And so this could happen to you as well, where you could right now experience where you can send a text message and you don’t get a response right away.

But during the day, you know, people as they get their breaks from, you know, from work or whatever it is, that could be a time in which they can do that. Right.[00:07:00] Thank you, team Farnham. Appreciate the birthday wish. And so, and the cool thing is, is that when you do this, I know it’s difficult. I know it’s super awkward, but I promise you, if you just spend a minute right now and send that text message out to your past client or your sphere or your current clients and just asking that, what’s going to happen is that you’re going to start to In their mind, start preparing them for the idea.

So I forgot the, what if it’s called like the frontal cortex or whatever it is, but it’s the same thought process is like when you’re looking to buy a new car and I give that example, cause you know, I’ve purchased a couple of cars recently. When you start thinking about a car that you’re going to buy, let’s say a Jeep, right.

For, for just for simple sake, then beforehand, you may have just driven around, not even paid attention. But now that if you’re looking to buy a Jeep and you’re driving around town, guess what happens? You start seeing jeeps everywhere or any car for that matter, your brain starts naturally subconsciously looking for the thing that you are looking to buy and we’ll show you and [00:08:00] validation of what you’re looking to purchase and so with our clients, it’s not their job to know to refer us business, they might have a great experience with us, but opportunities in which clients can come up, right? They could be at work and their co-workers could be like, Oh, yeah, I’m you know, I’m looking at buying a home. Well, in their mind, they could be like, Oh, yeah, that’s so cool. Like, I’m actually in the process of buying a house. I’m having a great experience, but they could end the conversation right there.

Right. They might not think, Oh, you know what? You should use my realtor or let me give you my realtor’s information. They might not, they might not take it to that step unless they are trained and conditioned by us. It is not our client’s responsibility or past client’s responsibility, or our sphere for that matter, to always be on the lookout for those opportunities.

There it doesn’t, it’s not a natural thing that comes to our head, right. In our mind. And so we need to be able to be the people [00:09:00] that actually put that thought in their mind on a fairly regular basis without sounding sales you without coming from a place of being you know, self serving, if you will, but in a place of, Hey, I’m really here to help.

And if you really do value me as a friend, or you value me as, you know, someone that you’ve trusted with the purchase of your home, and you think that I did a good job. Then I would hope that you would help me in helping your friends do the same thing. And in fact, I think most people would naturally, our past clients that had a good experience with us, with us would naturally, you know, if I were to ask them, Hey, would you refer so and so to somebody?

And they would say, absolutely. But when the time comes where that conversation takes place, they don’t think about it. And the cool thing about real estate is that it is a part of natural conversation that, that takes place, right. At work, at parties, you know, wherever they are. Even at the grocery store, we hear people talking about real estate all the time, right?

Either going up or down, interest rates, whatever it might be, conversations happen on a daily basis with people. And so if [00:10:00] we stay on the forefront of that and make it our job to remind those people that we have a connection with, that we are here, that we offer great service, and we could also help them both in local.

You know, local places and also farther away. Those of you guys that live in areas, you know, where it’d be Vegas or even Florida or California, where, you know, you have a very large geographic location from, you know, where you go from one part of town into another part would take an hour and a half or two hours.

And so if you have a client or past client that has a friend that’s looking to buy an hour and a half or two hours away, they might not naturally think of you as the person to make that introduction, that connection. But if you let them know, Hey, I do do this. And if I myself can’t help them buy a property an hour away, two hours away, because I wouldn’t really be doing good service to them by doing that, I can refer you and connect you with one of the top agents in that area that could also help you with that process.

But it also entirely comes up to us. [00:11:00] It is our responsibility to make that connection for them to like, know that we are the person. That they should go to for the rest of their lives. When they have any thoughts on making a move or any real estate comes up one way or the other. Okay. I’ve been talking a lot.

I want to ask who has done this already. Who’s sent out 10 or five text messages.

Okay. I only see a handful of hands. What about team Farnham? Have you guys done this yet? Have you sent out your five text messages? Yeah. Or did you guys join in late and didn’t hear what I’d asked everyone to do a little bit late.

Matt Farnham: Were you were you talking? Is this part of the 100 100 day thing?

Nazar Kalayji: No, I’m like, yeah, that’s that’s in that 100 day 100 thing, 100 day 100 K thing that’s going to happen.

But what I wanted. Ask where I invited everyone to do today is to get on their phones and send five text messages to their past clients or their sphere, more of their current clients and asking them for a [00:12:00] referral. Oh, we have not done that. Okay. So go ahead and do it now. Go and set your phones, every single one of you and think of five people that you can connect with and send them a text message.

And even if it’s like, if you guys don’t have, I think your team does a phenomenal job anyway. But if you haven’t made contact with somebody for a long time, and it might, you know, it might seem like it’s so you know, very self serving. If you say, Hey, who do you know? That’s looking to buy or sell real estate, at least begin the dialogue of talking about real estate with them.

Again, I, I believe that if every single one of us had more of these conversations and, and went past the awkwardness of making that call, because if it’s not a normal thing or normal product, part of what you do, you’re going to have some reservations in doing so, but I promise if you guys push through that, that you’re going to see the benefits of it.

Has anybody, since you sent these text messages, has anybody received a reply one way or the other from anybody yet?

[00:13:00] Jessica, you have?

Jessica Forrester: Yes, but I’m texting for recruiting.

Nazar Kalayji: Okay, so you’re texting agents? And what has been, what is the text that you sent out?

Jessica Forrester: I’m, I’m complimenting them on whatever I’ve seen on Facebook lately. So this, the first one I sent was this a granddaughter. So I complimented on that and said, we really need to get together and chat.

And so, and how’s business been so far this year? And she texted me right back, I’m down to get together. Just tell me where that’s awesome.

Nazar Kalayji: You know, what’s interesting is that that was gonna be one of my other recommendations as well that I put on here is that if you, if we spent time every single day connecting with five people that we know five people that are our past clients or, you know, our current clients.

And then then get on into any whatever CRM system that you have and reach out to five people via text and bonus [00:14:00] points if you do it as a video text message, right? Because if you do as a video text message, it increases the connection with that individual, especially if they don’t know you all that well, or even if they do know you all that well by seeing your face, it’s going to be so much better.

And then or getting on social media and looking at some other posts. But then taking it off social media and texting them about it, right? Let me reiterate that you go on social media. You go to Facebook or Instagram. You see someone, you know, that just went on vacation or something, right? Whatever it is, whatever it is that they posted about, which obviously is important to them and then either doing a screenshot of that post right from your phone and then texting that or just texting them.

And talking about whatever that was making that type of a connection, taking something online and taking it offline [00:15:00] could make a huge impact because it’d be like, oh, wow, that’s cool. Yeah. Today’s my birthday and I’ve gotten a lot of, you know, messages, right. Which I absolutely love. It’s a lot of love.

And what’s interesting is that the ones that I’ve liked that have texted me in no offensive to anybody that if you’ve done this, that have texted me on, not on texting me, just went on my Facebook page and just wrote happy birthday on my page. Like that becomes more of a nuisance in an essence for me because I have to like go on there and like either like their posts or like commented on them, but the ones that like took the time to actually send me a text message on my phone or sent me because they didn’t have my cell phone number.

They sent me a Facebook message or an Instagram message directly, you know, wishing me happy birthday that takes it to the next level for me that makes it to where it’s more genuine and those individuals that sent me videos. I was like, Oh, this is cool. But then when I clicked on the video, I realized that it was a video is generic, right?

It was a generic video from [00:16:00] an agent that said, Hey, happy birthday. And they’re like, Hey, this is me. Wishing it was one of those videos and they sent it to me. I’m like, you didn’t make this for me. This is a massive, you know video that you, you’ve created for everybody and since it, if it’s not genuine, people can smell that, right.

People can consense when we’re not being genuine with people, they can sense when we are not being authentic and not being real or, we’re trying to just do the masses. And so please don’t do that. Don’t, don’t don’t fall trap to making a generic video or, or, Generic text message to somebody that, you know, isn’t.

Or they know or they can think that that message was copy and pasted a million times. Does that make sense? Make sure it’s real, make sure that there’s that connection with them. And, and, you know, you’re going to get a lot further that way. Now, we’re going to be talking about, obviously, you know, through Tom Ferry, there’s a lot of…

Discussion about the 100 days. It starts next week on the 15th, which we’ll get into, but I think it’s important [00:17:00] to, like, know that there’s value that you can give to agents, not to agents, but to, to people with doing the lazy CMAs, right? That Tom talked about. Not Tom. I don’t know if it was Jimmy Mackin or whoever said.

The hundred days or the the lazy CMA. I think that’s a phenomenal thing to be able to do to give value to your past clients or people just that you, that, you know team front end. Did you guys send those out? You guys send out five text messages.

You guys are muted. If you’re, if you say,

Matt Farnham: Do we get any responses yet? No responses yet.

Nazar Kalayji: Okay. But you sent them out.

Matt Farnham: Some of us, okay. Not the team leader. That’s fantastic. So I’m talking too much. I’m sorry.

Nazar Kalayji: That’s okay. You guys like. It’s, it’s phenomenal and interesting to me when the stats that I’ve been looking at both in California and Utah, those are the two MLSs that I have access to directly.

I’ve been looking at the, [00:18:00] the amount of transactions and it’s staggering to me of just the volume of transactions are down between 30 to 45 percent year over year. It’s pretty, pretty crazy, right? There are just fewer transactions happening than they were before. Now you might say, Oh my gosh, that’s crazy.

Well, yeah, it’s crazy. But if you compare it from like pre COVID, it’s not, you know, massively different, but it’s still lower. So there’s less people that are looking to buy property because less people could afford to buy property. We also have less people that are putting their homes on the market. So the demand is lower and inventories also kept up.

At a lower amount. And so it becomes our responsibility to be able to say, well, shoot, there’s 1. 6 million agents out there in the world, right? Or excuse me, in the United States. And I believe if I’m not mistaken, let me see here. If I do a quick little math here.[00:19:00]

Yeah, there’s 0. 4 transactions per agent per year right now, right? There’s 1. 6 million agents. There’s roughly, I would assume that 4 million transactions take place this year. That means that there’s half a transaction for all agents nationwide. So what does that mean? That means that us as agents… Either we are going to be stuck doing one transaction or half a transaction our entire year.

And obviously those are general numbers, right? There’s some agents that don’t do any transactions. There’s agents that do the lion’s share of transactions. But you get to decide the person that is in your seat right now. Gets to decide how many transactions they want, knowing full well that there’s just fewer transactions to be spread apart.

The pie has gone smaller. It’s shrunk and there’s still agents. Yes, there’s agents leaving the industry left and right. And you’ll [00:20:00] see come January when it’s time to renew our association dues and my association is our board dues. You can see a lot of people saying, I can’t afford this or haven’t done a transaction all year.

I can’t do this and they’re going to bail, which is gonna be great for the rest of us, right? So the less, less people that are vying for those fewer transactions, but nonetheless. If you are not willing to do more than you did before, then you’re not gonna get the same amount of transactions, right? If you were to kept everything status quo and you were also status quo, then you do roughly around the same amount of transactions.

But if the transaction pool re reduces and you keep the same pace of work, guess what’s gonna happen to your business? It’s gonna go down. It’s just inevitable. And so the only way in which you could either do the same or even more than you did before is if you were smarter and you were making more contacts.

Like, that literally is the easiest way to [00:21:00] solve all of our problems as agents, is just making more contacts, talking to more people. And the cool thing is, I think that we as agents get stuck in not making those contacts because we don’t know what to say. Well, the cool thing is, you’ve got books like Phil Jones book that tells you what to say.

And you also have chat GPT to help you craft some really cool text messages to send. Or if you think about it, one of the things that Phil Jones used to say, or he does say is that you have these critical conversations, critical conversations or conversations that, you know, are going to be super important and critically is going to dictate if you’re going to make money or not.

And so you can practice what those conversations are going to be like, what objections you’re going to have. Or in this case, if you’re trying to look for a new business, You need to be the one that steps out and says, okay, this is what I’m willing to do or what I have to do. Now it just becomes a matter of you either doing it or not.

Right. It’s a matter of you saying, I’m going to take the actions needed. I’m going to do the hard [00:22:00] work, even though I don’t want to, I’m going to work that extra day, even though if I don’t want to, or I’m going to not stop working until I make the specific commitments to myself that I’ve made. And it just starts by doing that.

Right. And the fun thing is you can make it into a game. It doesn’t have to be where it feels like a chore and don’t do things that you don’t want to do necessarily, right? You can pick stuff, you can make those contacts in a way that, that you enjoy. I know some people love to do or not because it allows them to get face to face with people has a higher probability of making a connection.

Some people hate that. Some people like throwing parties. That’s cool. You can throw parties and you can connect with people that way. You can join groups. I don’t care what you do, as long as you’re talking to 10 new people every single day that you’ve never talked to before, and then trust me, it is absolutely hard to do it, but those that do.

Those that make it a priority in their lives are just going to succeed. Now, I want to know, like, if you guys could really, you know, [00:23:00] be honest with yourself and with me right now when is the last time that you’ve spoken to 10 people that you’ve never met before, have talked to before, or let’s even include your past clients, but someone that you talked to that you haven’t spoken to in a little bit and ask them about real estate one way or the other, either looking to buy or sell or whatever it is.

When’s the last time you’ve done at least 10 of those? Like in one day, can you get a raise your hands real quick? You’ve got one.

What do you guys think about that? What do you guys think about the fact that we have one out of this group here that has made that connection or that has talked to 10 people that they have not talked to before in a while? So the rest of us and including me, I obviously I’m putting myself in the same scenario.

Like if we just wanted to, it’s just that simple. It seems complicated and hard, but it’s just about making those contacts. And if [00:24:00] everything else falls apart, all the other things that happen, happen, right? There’s fires to put out and I get it. But if you just took the energy and your time to make those contacts, and I’m talking to you, right?

If you’re, if you’re looking at me, if you could hear my voice, I’m talking to you directly. Are you willing to do the hard work? You guys were going into the third or the fourth quarter of this year. This in a lot of ways is the hardest quarter of the year. It can be great, right? When the market’s hot, but with rates in the sevens right now.

And possibly with the risk of it going into the eights, you’re going to have to work harder. You can work smarter. But you’re going to have to put in the work one way or the other. You’re going to have to make those contacts one way or the other. You’re going to have to stop being a secret agent that no one knows about, right?

Being a covert agent that no one knows that exists is not going to [00:25:00] be a way in which you’re going to be able to accomplish your goals. I was having a pre birthday lunch with my buddy yesterday, and we were discussing, he was asking about the market, and we were talking about everything that’s going on, and I told him that the average agent in the United States, you know, sells probably, I don’t know, four or five homes a year.

And he’s like, can they make a living off of that? And I said, no, they can’t. And he goes, wow, that’s, that’s pretty crazy. So you guys, like, you know, it’s, It’s a big deal, right? It is absolutely a big deal that we are stepping up our game and you know, I don’t know what it is for you guys, but you should know exactly how many homes you need to sell every single year at a minimum of cover your nut.

And what’s interesting to me is I’ve noticed, and in the years I’ve been doing this, both in coaching people, even my own team, and in talking with other real estate agents, I’ve noticed that a lot of them, a lot of us, We’ll do the bare [00:26:00] minimum. We need to, to just cover our basis, cover the lifestyle that we currently live.

Did you guys say that that’s true? Do you guys feel that that’s accurate? Like we would just barely make enough to be able to be okay.

And if people want to live that way, that’s fine. Right. If you want to live that way, that’s completely fine. You can, but if you want to create a legacy, if you want to create, if you got into this business because you wanted to help serve people, but at the same time, you also wanted to make money. Right.

You want to make money because that money is going to be used towards whatever, whatever it is, then the opportunities here. It’s still here. It will be here tomorrow, but you got to choose today on what you’re willing to do, what you’re willing to sacrifice or not. Okay. I’ve spoken a lot and I apologize if I’ve gone over, you know, like you’re just kind of tuned out, checked out, but I want you to know that I am telling you [00:27:00] that those contacts.

Is literally the most important thing you can do is making those connections. If you’re trying to recruit having those connections with the agency, if you’re trying to get buyers, having those connections with buyers, sellers, the same thing. If you want to talk to investors, that’s great. If you want to talk to attorneys about people that are getting divorces or trust attorneys or people that are going through probate, whatever it is.

Like it is our responsibility to make those connections. It’s not the attorney’s responsibility to remember you to acknowledge you. It is not the responsibility of your clients to reach out to you. It’s our responsibility to reach out to them. Every single day you wake up, I don’t care what’s on your schedule, if in that schedule of yours is not that you’re going to make your 5 to 10 contacts a day, then that day is, you’re going to, then the day’s going to end and you’re going to be like, Oh shoot, I did nothing to move forward.

We have this tendency to ride this roller coaster of real estate. We’ll do really good at making [00:28:00] connections. We’ll get people into escrow and then we’ll spend the next 30 to 45 days nurturing those. Clients are holding on to that baby until it closes. Well, guess what’s happened the last year or two?

How many transactions have you had a transaction this year that has fallen apart? That is canceled escrow. Raise your hand. Yeah. Is it devastating? It can be. Right. Because especially if you’re like, Oh my gosh, I’ve got bills to pay. Absolutely have bills to pay. And I, you know, you had all your eggs in this one basket and it fell apart.

Your whole life feels like it’s devastated. I think Seth had a hand raised. I don’t know where he went. Seth, are you there? Okay, he was there just a second ago. And so, if you’re not constantly feeding the beast, if you will, if you’re not constantly priming the pump and working it to be able to get more and more people in your database or more and more people that are in your pipeline, then the people that you have in your pipeline and the people that you have in escrow that you’ve worked really hard for, that deal falls apart.

[00:29:00] Then it’s over and you can be like you’re gonna be crushed. But if you have you constantly have people that are working in that pipeline, you’re showing a property, you’re going to listing appointments. And if that deal falls apart, then the world isn’t over, right? Because you’ve got someone else that’s there to pick up the slack and you’re able to still close on that transaction.

What questions, thoughts or concerns you guys have about what I’m asking you to do or any reservations and hesitations in doing so? Bye

You guys with, you know, as I look through this crowd here and, and a lot of you guys are, are, I can’t see your faces, but those that I can, I see people that are going through stuff, right? I see people that have lost a loved one. I see people that are going through divorces or going through struggles with their, with their relationships.

I see people that are struggling with their kids and I see people that are, have had a crappy year in real estate. I see people that [00:30:00] are stressed financially. I see people that are lonely. We are all going through hard things. And that’s just part of life, right? It’s part of life and even amidst all of that, we have responsibilities as, as, as adults, right?

We have responsibilities that the bills keep on coming that, you know, mouths need to be fed. There is a lot of pressure on our shoulders to perform. And I’m just telling you that I get you. I hear you. And I know it can suck sometimes. And beyond that, we still have that responsibility. So make the best of it, right?

Like, even if you can’t work a full day, then the times in which you are working, be intentional. And I’m telling you, it just starts with those contacts. Right. Send five text messages to your sphere. Send another five text messages or video text messages to people or get on your freaking phone and call [00:31:00] them or go and pop by and go to their house and talk to them.

Just make those connections. And I promise you that when you’re doing that, when you’re working hard, when you are being productive, that all the stuff that all the other chaos that’s happening, all the other things that, that occupy your mind in time like they will fall in its rightful place. Things will get better.

I promise you that. Okay, so I don’t mean to be so dark and sad today. It is my birthday after all, right? Someone turns 5 or 45 just once in their lifetime, and I’m grateful to still be alive. So I appreciate you guys. You guys really mean the world to me. Every single one of you in some way or another has impacted my life, and I appreciate the example that you give me of working hard and just being a good person.

So I absolutely appreciate it. All right, you guys have an amazing Thursday. Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll talk to you guys next week. Bye[00:32:00]

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We are a high-split, low-cap, cloud-based brokerage that believes in collaboration with a growth mindset.


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