Building a Solid Agent 2 Agent Referral Lead Pillar – Brian Olivard


Building a Solid Agent 2 Agent Referral Lead Pillar – Brian Olivard

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We’re thrilled to bring you the latest episode of the Fiv Realty Masterclass, featuring none other than Brian Olivard, an expert Atlanta realtor! This episode is jam-packed with golden nuggets on how to build a solid agent-to-agent referral lead pillar in real estate. If you’re looking to elevate your referral game and stand out in the crowd, this is the must-watch content for you.

Here are 5 key takeaways you’ll learn from our conversation with Brian:

  1. Stand Out with Referral Kits📦: Discover why sending creative and thoughtful referral kits like “survival kits” filled with local goodies can make a lasting impression and foster stronger relationships. Brian emphasizes that these kits are more than just gifts; they are a tangible representation of your appreciation and a way to stay memorable in the minds of other agents. The personalization in these kits can vary from local treats to useful items that highlight your understanding of the other agent’s market and preferences.
  2. The Magic of CRM Systems📊: Learn how using a CRM system can keep your referral process smooth, ensuring accountability and timely updates that benefit both referring and receiving agents. Brian discusses the importance of a robust CRM system in tracking communications, managing relationships, and automating follow-ups. This not only ensures that no lead falls through the cracks, but also helps maintain a professional image by keeping all interactions organized and timely.
  3. Referral Gratitude Matters🎁: Find out why maintaining the standard 25% referral fee, sending gratitude cards, and annual gifts can significantly enhance your referrers’ loyalty and keep you top-of-mind. Brian shares his strategies for expressing gratitude, emphasizing that a consistent and heartfelt approach to thanking your referral sources can build lasting trust and encourage more referrals. He explains how small gestures like handwritten notes or thoughtful gifts can make a big difference in nurturing these relationships.
  4. Personal Branding & Consistency💬: Dive into the importance of “bleeding out your brand” through consistently personalized touches like birthday cards and videos to solidify ongoing connections. Brian highlights that in the competitive world of real estate, personal branding is crucial. By consistently showing your personality and brand through various touchpoints, you can create a unique identity that others remember and respect. He shares examples of how he uses personalized videos and messages to maintain a strong connection with his network.
  5. The Power of Strategic Networking🤝: Uncover tips on strategically reaching out to potential referral partners, attending masterminds, and leveraging social media to build a reliable and reciprocal referral network. Brian talks about the importance of being proactive in networking and seeking out opportunities to connect with other agents. Whether it’s through industry events, online forums, or social media platforms, having a strategic approach to networking can significantly expand your referral base.


Fun Fact from the Episode:

Did you know that Brian Olivard sends out quarterly squirrel-themed gifts like toffee peanuts? It’s a quirky way to keep in touch and ensure he remains memorable to his referrers! 🌰🛍️ This unique approach not only makes Brian stand out but also brings a smile to the recipients, making him a memorable figure in their professional lives.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed creating it. Brian Olivard’s insights can truly catapult your referral strategy to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there’s something valuable here for everyone. The practical advice and unique strategies Brian shares are designed to help you foster stronger relationships, stay top-of-mind, and ultimately, grow your real estate business through effective referrals.

Call to Action:

Ready to transform your referral approach and boost your real estate success? Head over to our YouTube channel Fiv Realty Masterclass to watch the full episode now! Don’t forget to leave a comment, like, and subscribe to stay tuned for more invaluable tips and tricks from industry leaders. By subscribing, you’ll ensure you never miss out on the latest strategies and insights that can help you stay ahead in the competitive real estate market.

Keep referring, keep growing, and as always, thank you for being a part of the Fiv Realty community! 🌟

The insights shared by Brian Olivard in this episode are not just tips but actionable strategies that can make a real difference in your business. By implementing these techniques, you can create a strong and effective referral network that consistently brings in new leads and opportunities. Whether it’s through personalized referral kits, a robust CRM system, or strategic networking, these methods are designed to help you stand out and succeed in the real estate industry. So, take these lessons to heart, apply them in your business, and watch your referral network grow!

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