DISC Behavior Assessment – Close More Real Estate Deals by Learning Your Clients Behavior Traits



Want to close more real estate deals? Learn the DISC behavior assessment (behavior traits) of your clients in order to relate and understand them better. This skill is a MUST for any real estate agent.  What behavior type are you?  Find out below.


Nazar Kalayji 0:00
Okay. All right. So Jeff runs a successful team in Canada. I’ve known him for a very long time. Super excited about, we’ll have him on here. Hopefully, you guys take away some great things, he’s going to be talking about the DISC profile and how we can utilize that to successfully connect with our clients. So, Jeff, take it away.

Jeff Johnson 0:19
Okay, awesome. Thanks so much for having me Nazar, I appreciate it. So I want this to be as interactive as possible. So maybe you put if you got questions, put them in the chat and made me Nazar, you can ask them or interrupt me. And I’ll just because it’s more more interactive, the better. So the goal today is, is on two things. Number one, understanding what your desk is, and how you’re wired, and then how that how clients are wired, and what about their desk, and then how you can use that to move the client, you know, forward in in, in a, in a way that works for the client.

Jeff Johnson 0:55
So we’re going to talk about what the four DISC personality types are, you’re going to give you some tips on how to identify it. And then some tips on how to work with different personality types and adapting your selling styles to sell to the people the way they want to be sold to. And also the most common Disc combinations, because there’s certain combinations in disk that, that work well together, and they’re usually common together.

Jeff Johnson 1:22
That’s just our team. Okay, so what is this and everything you need to know. So there’s four disc behaviors. So the first one is, is D, which is decisive. A lot of realtors always want to pretend or want to think that they’re a D. But really, only 3% of the population are truly D’s. And I’ll go through that in more more when I’m going through the D. The next is I are interactive. They’re more, they’re social people, S is stable, and C is cautious. So another way you can look at disk is for the D, there’s these are all about power. I’s are all about people. S is all about peace. And C is all about perfection.

Jeff Johnson 2:12
So the D type. So what D’s love, D’s love directness, they like decisiveness. They like efficiency. They’re bold. And they’re influenced by what people can do for them or people status. So D’s are naturally attracted to somebody that can do something for them.

Jeff Johnson 2:34
High D clients, results matter to them more than clients. So if a D is speaking to you, you are worth their time, you don’t have to kind of impress them, because if they’re speaking to you, you’re worth their their oxygen, it sounds very arrogant, but they can tend to be a little bit arrogant.

Jeff Johnson 2:55
They want somebody that can move towards instant results. They don’t want to know about the nooks and crannies, they want to know. If they have an A question for something they asked you what what do I have to pay for this house? They don’t want to hear well, it could be this and you know, well, let me check. They can handle with straightforward answers. Like, you know what, I’ll let you know that exact number in an hour, they can handle that stuff. There can be very demanding. And they’re very impatient. So don’t keep them waiting or or ramble. They don’t their time is their biggest asset. They don’t like to waste it. So again, if they’re having a conversation with you, you’re worth their energy. A’s an agent, you need to make sure you act quickly. And confidently, like I said, No wishy washy, Venus, they don’t want you to you know, do anything that they feel is a waste of their time. So, typically D’s if you’re if you’re talking to a person, a D is going to be somebody that’s usually an entrepreneur, their their director, their president or vice president, they have some kind of leadership position. They if you know, when I’m teaching this, your, your, your true D is is you know, a Donald Trump, where they will go through anything to get to the outcome to get to the win to the race. So again, 3% of the people that you deal with are D’s.

Jeff Johnson 4:18
The second personality type are I’s. I’s are all about having fun. So they have a sense of humor, they want to make you laugh, they want to have they they’re very interactive. They’d love to tell stories, but jokes. If you’re showing them house, they’ll tell you, you know, well, you know, when I was a kid, I used to grow up in a house like this and they’re all into, you know, having a good time, you’ll see identify themselves right away. They’re used the life of the party. They’re ones that you know, move towards, you know, the excitement of something, they’re usually the ones that, you know, if they’re at a party, or wedding, they’re the ones that are, you know, kind of out of control. They they all full of emotions. So most agents lead with an AI. Most successful agents lead with an I.

Jeff Johnson 5:12
where you have to be careful with I’s, if you’re a high I, you’ll tend to your biggest fear is being not liked. So I’s can go overboard with being liked. And here’s where eyes kind of, kind of missed the mark with real estate, is they’re never usually going to lose a deal unless they’re dealing with a true D. But they they make the deal instead of, you know, six months, they you know, let’s say they take it six months when it could have been done in a month, because they’re all love hanging out with the client having fun talking, oh, this is so great, we’re gonna go out and look at some, some houses today, they’re not about you know, you know, kind of structure of, of where things gonna go. But the I is great when you manage it, you’ll you’ll make a lot of, you know, make a lot of business.

Jeff Johnson 6:02
So you don’t want to give too many, you know, highs don’t like a lot of details. So if you got a high client, and you’re saying to them, well, this circuit breakers, this and you’re going to a lot of details, they don’t want to they want to think where’s the party? Where can I entertain people? What can I do with people. But that’s most most agents lead or have some kind of AI, which frustrate deep personality types. But I’m going to talk about that further on as personality types. So this is the one you guys need to pay the most attention to 80% of the people that you will deal with lead with an S personality type. And they’re the most frustrating personality type to deal with. So they love stability, consistency, support, the biggest fear for an S is change. Well guess what real estate is change. You know, they’re moving houses, it’s a huge thing. People that are typical eyes are government workers. And that could be you know, police officer, firefighter, nurse, teacher, anything that’s, that’s guaranteed, because they don’t want any risks you sent i But you meant S Sorry, S I apologize s s personality type 80% of the people that you deal with are going to be s personality types. So they, like I said they’re resistant to change, they find it very stressful. They want somebody who is loyal, trustworthy and agreeable. As an agent, you have to be clear, to get clearly defined goals, responsibilities and roles through the transaction, you want to be clear about the relationship and not be too transactional. So when you call an S on the phone, they’re, they’re the ones that are you know, we’re just looking, we were just thinking we were maybe going to do this, we’re maybe going to do that, how you put them off if you’re too pushy. So I was meeting and asked for a buyer consultation, I would say something like, you know, and as our this process could take, maybe we might have to see 60 houses before you’re able to you know, find the right one, or when you walk through the house, you’ll feel it in your stomach, if this is the right one. And what you’ll find with SS is their shoulders are because they’re they’re nervous about meeting a salesperson, their shoulders up, and then they get really uncomfortable. And then they relax. And then all of a sudden, because what’s happened, they’re open to the process because they think that they’re going to go out with you. And they’re going to somehow you’re going to force them to buy a house. Okay, so they like peace and their biggest fear is change. See personality type are the analyticals so they they’re now again, they’re easy to deal with. Because the if you give them the data that moves them forward, so they’d like details they like data, they like structure, they a protocol organization, they want to work with somebody that’s very organized, prepared and detailed. So if you’re a high AI and you’re running to the appointment, you got papers flying everywhere, you’re going to turn off a C personality type because they’re going to think you’re going to miss something they don’t want small talk, they just want to they want to get into the get into the nitty gritty and they will not be motivated to act unless the agent provides them with enough data. So if I’m dealing with a C personality type what I’m going to say to them I’m going to say I’m going to before I meet I’m going to new all the souls and all the history of the property because they’re going to ask you 15 million questions which can drive a high I you know crazy.

Jeff Johnson 9:39
A C personality type and D personality types are very cool. IN’s is are very warm. So what a high AI agent is going to do their they overcompensate for this person’s not interest. You know they’re thinking oh my god, I gotta make this person my friend and you know, something like that. Now, what you want to be. Be mindful of with with C’s is that they are not going to, you know, tell you yes, we’re going to buy a house, they are going to go home, they’re going to crunch the numbers and things like that. So what I would say to a high C is, so when you went home and looked through the numbers, what do you think? What do you want to do, and then they’ll come up with some an analytical formula. It’s frustrating dealing with high seas with condos, because they’re trying to get per price per square per square foot. But if it overlooks the ocean, or if it’s downtown, the price per square foot is different. You know, when a building here, if it’s facing the lake, you’re getting $200,000, more than if it faces the other than the north side. But they want to go price per square foot, and they get they get caught up in in all the details.

Jeff Johnson 10:49
So adapting your stuff. So I’m going to go through some, some some different styles are combinations, that’s more common. So what you’ll see I’m in 90D, and 99I, I lead with my I because I care more about people than their outcome unless I’m angry, and my eye goes down and my D comes up because then I want outcomes. So D’s want results, eyes, you know, want to help people, you will see D’s and eyes will lots lot of time go together, what you’ll find when you do your own desk, if you guys don’t have a link to a desk, Nazar will reach out to me and I’ll send that out to you guys. It’s free. And it’s again, understanding how you’re kind of wired. So if you’re if you’re, you know, the realtors will always say, oh, I want to be a D, they think that these are the best thing these are hard to deal with, because they’re very demanding, right? So you can you know, you you work them the wrong way, and you can lose them as a client, because if you’re not fast enough for them, you’re not getting outcomes. So D’s and I’s go together, here’s what doesn’t happen very often is an eye and see, because an eye is kind of all over the place, and C’s are very organized. But you might find that somebody’s that’s got a good personality, and it’s a people person that goes into accounting, but then they learn to bring up a C, but you will very rarely see IC’s I’ve got two of them on my team. So it’s funny because you know, when I have to coach them on something, I have to get analytical with them. So that they understand kind of process. S’s and I’s often go together the ideal thing for a successful real estate agent is a high high S you you seldomly see.

Jeff Johnson 12:32
And like I said, the guy with the see, but you’ll see eyes with S’s, or you can see an S and C together. S & C also goes together, my wife has a nine I asked nine I’d see. And I think that’s why we get along so well together. Because we’re polar opposites. I push her, she pulls me back. Very rarely I talked already about the I in the sea that go together. So again, if you’re a high eye, you got to make sure that when you’re dealing with people that you do not go, you know overboard to try to be liked, because that’s your natural thing. So you kind of have to slap yourself think, Okay, bring it in a little bit. And if you’re a high s, you have to I’ll actually I’ll talk about scripts and where and the DISC personality types. So, a goal when you’re having a script, you have a script to get an appointment. That’s really what what it wants to do. So we’re D’s needs scripts, ds needs scripts, because if you you take a straight line from the lead coming in to the appointment at the bottom, the relationship or the rapport is built when you’re off script. So a D’s need D’s need a script so they build rapport because they naturally just want to go in hunting kill and move on. So script helps D’s build rapport Hi, I script helps you guys stay on track with where you’re going because you’ll get your goal we’re talking about soccer with the kids. And all of a sudden they get we’re here to sell houses.

Jeff Johnson 14:06
A C it gives you or an S gives you permission to ask for the appointment because S’s will tend to not want to ask for the appointment because they’re they don’t want to you know make somebody uncomfortable and then sees it gives them a process so they know okay, if I do a b and c i will get I will get to the appointment. These are some great books that I recommend to everybody to read stops squatting on my spurs by Angela Tucker Angel Tucker. Sorry, that is a phenomenal book. She was a realtor and she wrote this book is very, very good. This social styles Handbook by Larry Wilson and versatile selling by Larry Wilson. These are excellent disc books. I’d recommend for you all to read these books because it’ll really help your sales career.

Nazar Kalayji 14:54
Jeff, can you chime in and tell me if I’m an agent and I meet someone, well, let’s just assume that’s on the phone. What are some key indicators that’s gonna allow me to be able to quickly identify which one of those disc profiles is there? They’re dominant? And then is it easier to do so in person? And if so, again, what are the non verbal cues, you’re looking for that also say the same thing will help you identify who they are, so that you know how to best approach them in the style that they want? Because you’re right. You know, my personality type is D. And so when I’m meeting with, you know, very high C’s, they like want all the data, I’m like, just shut up and do it. Right. It’s very difficult, right. And so, yeah, cuz they also want to tell me all the like, all the story, right? The the S’s and the C’s just want to tell me all these stories, I’m like, I love that appreciate you. But just freaking tell me the bottom line. Yeah, that’s just how I work. And so when I’m when I need to be with a client, then I need to be able to quickly identify who they are so that I can, even though my natural tendency is to be very short and quick, I need to, you know, give more data, give more information be more a little bit softer, so that I don’t piss them off. Right?

Jeff Johnson 16:11
So again, here’s, here’s the thing, the the five words that will will help any sales career is who, what, where, when? And how, sometimes, why? So So you want to when you when a lead comes in, you want to ask them, so depends what what house they’re looking at. They’re all just looking. So that’s your first question. So you then want to say the follow up question, what made you interested in so and so area, whatever area that is? And then depending on how they answer that question, if they said, Well, I’ve calculated that that is two kilometers or two miles from my work, I know I’m dealing with a see right away the seat. If they say, Well, you know, we got friends kind of in the area, and we want to be closer to our friends. I know I’m dealing with an eye. If the person is is a D, they’re gonna say, because this is exactly what the neighborhood that I want to be in. They’re very precise. And what they’re saying is very precise, and in essence, probably going to say, well, we’re just kind of looking we really have made any decisions, and they’re going to be a little bit wishy washy. So then I would try to set the appointment with with with somebody like that. And again, a high D or high I going to drive a nicer car. And S is going to come probably in a minivan. A C’s going to be in something very practical. What I do want to add this to the question that I asked Susie, I’m going to show a house is Nazar, where would you like to start? And how would you answer that question? I asked you that question.

Nazar Kalayji 17:46
What do you mean where would you like to start?

Jeff Johnson 17:48
So we’re, we’re in the house what part of the house would you like to see first? Where would you like to start?

Jeff Johnson 17:55
Okay, so you see how his body language and all this kitchen is very aloof, very off. So D is not going to not going to give me that is going to give me a kitchen because he’s frustrated because he’s thinking well if you’re the agent you should know where I want to study where we should start. See how his reaction was. So an asset is going to say something like well you know maybe we’ll start in the kitchen and if see the word maybe you see how SS because they want peace they don’t want to ruffle any feathers or anything they want peace and I’ll say oh you know what? We’d love to have party so I’d love to see the backyard first right and see where would you guess the sea would want to start analytical. Nazar where you would you guess?

Nazar Kalayji 18:42
I guess I’d want to like see the data of the house be finding this out visually. I gotta want to know that you know, price per square foot bedrooms, bathrooms square footage lot size, what are the schools are and I see the sheet for that before we go on.

Jeff Johnson 18:56
Are they going to start in the basement by the furnace, all the mechanical stuffs that’s how their brain works very mechanical. So that will also help but just asking that, you know, okay, this is great. You know, different people like to see different things in the house where would you like what part of the house would you like to see first part of the condo would you like to see first like

Nazar Kalayji 19:16
Male or female it has a type it’s not it has nothing to do with sexism it has all to do with the personality of the individual because I’ve met lots of women that are high C’s high D’s so it’s not you know, it’s not gender specific.

Jeff Johnson 19:32
No, but But what I’ve learned over many, many years is that you’re not selling a house you’re selling a home and I had this client he’s been a great client now. You know, I go to the house he says Oh Jeff, this is this is the garage of all wanted the basements The Man Cave. I’ve always wanted and the woman’s and so she kind of quiet and then she’s in the kitchen. I can tell she’s not feeling the kitchen. And these will say this. Yeah, Jeff. We’re gonna call you later, we’re gonna put an offer on this tonight. And then later, you know, a call the next day say so. So what happened? Why didn’t you? Oh, we decided not against it because, you know, the the wife wasn’t wasn’t feeling a house. So I still feel that you know, you know coming from male perspective, happy wife happy life.

Jeff Johnson 20:21
I think that that everybody should know their own disk. That’s the most important part. Because you got to know where you’re where you’re coming from and how you have to mold where people need to be. And again, like I was saying, with scripting, if I’m coaching agents on scripting, knowing their disk, I’m going to tell them where where their scripting needs needs work. Because like people like hi eyes on my team is there, I’m sure you appreciate this, it Okay, land the plane, like land the plane, you give me all the details, all the stories just land the plane? Where are we going? Right? Because we just want we just want the, the end game.

Nazar Kalayji 21:25
I recently had a client that I was working with, and they asked me a question. And again, by text, I’m very short, and to the point, normally, and they were offended by that. And so, you know, like that was not my intention is to, to offend them, they were just upset by some of the words that I used. And so you know how to quickly hop on the phone and like, calm down a little bit. And so I think as the amount of your ability to be able to, you know, be a chameleon and change, or know how to properly speak in a way that’s going to come across the way they want to be spoken to, is going to have, you know, it’s gonna be indicative of your, your, the amount of sales you do, right, because if you’re, like, well, you know, I’m a D screw everybody else, then that’s cool, you’re gonna work with people that are that are gonna be okay with that personality, style, style. And if you’re not, you’re gonna lose out on lots of opportunities.

Jeff Johnson 22:24
100% Because like I said, 80% of people are S’s, and that says, will frustrate any agent because they feel they can’t ever make up their mind. Like it’s always slow. But the slower you go with an S, the faster they move. That’s why I have things like how are you are you comfortable, your stomach will tell you, you know, we might have to see X amount of houses, you know what I mean? Because it just puts them at ease to be able to hear because their back is up, oh my gosh, she’s going to sell me right? Like you got to, you got to eliminate that.

Nazar Kalayji 22:54
This is your something C & S, you might think that they are, you know, wishy washy, they’re not really serious buyers, but they can absolutely be buyers, they just are not going to feel comfortable. Unless they really get to know you, you know, to not offend you or upset you, because they don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but they’re very motivated, they’ll just go to someone else, it’s gonna make him feel even more comfortable.

Jeff Johnson 23:17
That 100% And that’s the thing, you have to be careful ds. And the other thing with with a D, truly a D, is that you you can alienate people, you don’t even realize it. But the thing with these where their growth opportunities are, is they’re comfortable, you know, killing and then moving on, if they don’t get this, they don’t lose sleep, they’re just on to the next one. Well, instead of you know, closing to at a 10, you might be able to close six or seven out of 10 just by changing the way you are with people you know, and, and like I said, C’s are the easiest ones and Ds are the easiest ones to deal with. But they’re just they’re just not not there a lot It depends what you what you lead with. Just because you’re 99 I 99D you got to know who you lead with. Like with my wife, she leaves more with an s than a C because a C is very seasoned Ds are very cool personality types and S’s and I’s are very warm. So you just got to be able to flow with who you you flow with. But if you’ve got a high I ask them to vote, you know, their favorite things to do, right? Like they like you have to build that rapport with them showing the house there because if they don’t feel that you’re their friend, then they’re never going to do business with you. And these are not looking for a friend these are looking for outcomes these are looking for you know, don’t waste my time when I need to do like you know, I bought a car didn’t even test drive it because I said what’s the number What’s the price was invested in we had agreed to agree. And of course my wife was freaking out because she says how can you buy a car and drive it? I said why no one want that car. Right? It just doesn’t bother me because I make a mistake. I sell the car where SS don’t want to make a mistake because they don’t want change. They don’t want to risk anything.

Nazar Kalayji 25:05
So what are some other ways that we can that we can utilize? I guess it’s more than anything is just to be aware of the personality styles of those of those individuals, right? Because if you are dealing with a C, and a lot of times if you’re dealing with, you know, engineers, doesn’t matter what type of engineer, they are just an engineer, in general, they’re naturally going to be a C. And that’s when the high I’s get into trouble. Because, you know, they’ll do an open house, and a high C will come in and ask certain questions. And if you don’t know the answer, and you’re fumbling through what they feel should be super simple information that you shouldn’t already know. Automatically, they will lose respect for you, and then move on.

Jeff Johnson 25:46
Yep, right. 100%. So and so that’s why you want to know those things, right? You want to know the basics about stuff like I was at a house the other day, and I asked the the agent, what year is this house, she said, it’s 1970? I said, so does he have aluminum wiring? And she looked at me like I had three heads, and then I go through the house, and then she comes back. Oh, yeah. Does have aluminum wiring? That is a basic question. She should have known 1970 houses usually have aluminum unless they moved and put copper. Like, it’s just a simple question. And again, that turns me right off, right, because I like that’s something you should that’s a DNA that just come on, you should know that. And, and again, people can deal with like these can deal with thing? That’s a great question, I’ll find out with you for you. They want to know that the that’s a response to them. They yes, they might think you should know it. But but they also want to know you’re going to get them the information. Right. And, but again, just certain things like you got to be that’s why again, it goes back to scripting how important it is for for certain person, again, how you’re wired, it’s so important how you’re wired. Because you think everyone you’re going to deliver everything the way you want things delivered, and you got to change who you are to who you’re dealing with. So if you don’t know your own desk, you got to know your own desk. And then you know, Mizar, you can review these with their you know, if you guys do one on ones or something sales manager something, I get everybody to go through their desk, because anytime there’s a problem, people come to my desk and say, Okay, what’s the disk of the client? Right, we put the disc in follow up boss, we put everything there so that everybody knows what they’re dealing with. And if they don’t know, the desk of the person, that’s usually the root cause of why they’re having problems. Because we understand. Yep, sorry, how quickly do you can you assess that though? Like, if you’re you’re meeting with a client for the first time? And are you just going through your scripts when you’re meeting them? Like how do you assess what their DISC profile? It’s? So it’s, again, by asking kind of normal questions, right? You can by the, it’s the way they answer the questions. Let you know what they are. Because like, again, I assume everybody is an s until they present otherwise, Ds are easy, because these are very direct, they ask direct questions. They don’t they, you don’t have to beat around the bush with them. If you’re asking them, What do you I’m looking for this, I’m looking to be in Toronto, I want to be this, this, this, this this, that’s a D. And S is going to always say, Well, you know, we really haven’t thought about it because they’re afraid of the salesperson. So they don’t want to give you very much information. And I on the phone is immediately going to be very friendly. Okay. Hi. Oh, hi. How are you? Like, that’s just something they’re going to do? And then okay, so potentially an eye, right. But I always assume I get everybody on our team assume you’re dealing with us, unless it presents otherwise.

Jeff Johnson 28:34
C’s, they’re easy because they ask analytical questions. What’s the again? What’s the lot size? What’s the taxes? Like they asked all the number of things? What’s the square footage a lot was square footage of the house like just analyticals. Right? That’s DS and C’s can be similar in the way that much they look

Nazar Kalayji 28:55
A C is going to ask you also a very direct question like a D word. Yep.

Jeff Johnson 29:02
And they their combinations are like like Steve Jobs was a DC. He wanted everything done yesterday, and he wanted a perfect heart, their heart. D C’s are hard personality types. Because there they have they it’s like OCD. It’s it’s tough, because they do want to come and see once perfection, though, it’s a tough, tough thing, especially when you’re buying a house. Right? Because these are think, well, what’s that? Well, that’s a settling crack. Well, why is there suddenly crash because there’s a 50 year old house and that’s normal. Like, you know, like, you have to be able to say things because they weren’t like that. A client, an agent, ours just lost a $5 million house. He did this this high C, he was an accountant. He did 4 home inspections, because he did not believe that these were normal things. And then he calls two weeks later say, Yeah, everyone told me that these these cracks are normal. But like, you know what I mean? $5 million. So yeah, it’s It’s interesting, but it’s again, it’s all it’s all the questions how they answered the questions, right?

Jeff Johnson 30:06
Like, again, high I’s, if you just if you write down like when you’re wherever you’re doing your calls, if you write down who, what, where, when, why, how the y is always a funny one, like, if you’re if your wife, your spouse comes down and they’re wearing, you know, something, they’ll say, what made you put on that dress tonight? Honey Are sorry, well, why did you put on that dress, and then you’ll get slapped? And then a softer way or better ways? What made you put that dress on both will get you killed, but one just land softer? Right? So why is a very, you gotta be careful with the word why. But with a high eye. And again, a lot of agents high. If calls are going sideways, look at that and find out how many questions you’re asking that start with those things that aren’t yes or no answers, right? Because you’ll, the more you have them talking, you’re going to pick up on their desk.

Nazar Kalayji 31:02
And that’s genius. I never thought to like make that a part of our description when we put stuff into our CRM to acknowledge that off the bat, or, you know, obviously, you can change it right? Yeah, obviously, you can have the, you know, if they’re a married couple, the spouse and the significant other are going to be, there could be entirely different. And sometimes they’re polar opposites. And so to be able to know exactly how to know both of them know their personality types, and then be able to speak to them separately, because you can ask the same exact question. Different ways to be able to articulate to them how they would want to be, you know, so they can give you the answer that you’re looking for.

Jeff Johnson 31:41
100% DS, with our storage, disk will change your whole sales career, 100% of you embrace it, and really take it to that level to the next level, you’ll move mountains, because you’ll think, wow, I have a high D on my team. And she, she she keeps coming back to me and she’s been on my team for years, she keeps going I can’t believe how disk is helping me with, you know, with these people, because before I go home and be angry, because these guys don’t want to buy this house, but I just know they’re an S and all sudden, she just closes more. It’s just it’s amazing how it works.

Nazar Kalayji 32:15
Yeah, I was listening to this reel from Barbara Cochran and I was talking about Donald Trump, and how he’s a massive D personality. And it’s interesting how, you know, she views Donald Trump as, I mean, you can hate the guy or not, but he’s the best salesperson, you know, on earth, if you will. And he she was just telling how he was able to, like sell this, this, you know, huge apartment for this building. She has, she’s the broker of and, and, you know, she he was able to identify those individuals, he talked, she said about their weaknesses, and then be able to exploit them. But I think in a, in a dis environment, if you are able to identify very quickly and effectively who we really are, and then speak to that you’re going to be able to communicate so much more effectively with them and ultimately cause them to move and in the direction you want them to move to.

Jeff Johnson 33:11
Exactly and that’s like a you know, we mentioned it because it because it’s hard to get D that everybody knows that’s why I use Donald Trump as my example. But I’ll tell you a high AI is Bill Clinton, right? He’s a schmoozer. He’s the influencer he’s you know everybody like us certain things. So as I usually go through careers like if they tell me they’re a teacher, like I asked them you know, in normal call that you’re with a lead Okay, do you work in the area? Yes. Oh, I work here. Okay, so the all sudden they’ve said they’re the nurse and there’s the s right? If they say that they’re you know, yeah, I’m a manager at the bank K could be could be D Right? Like so you starting to think these things DC if he’s the bank right? Numbers there’s there’s certain things you can pick up on but I like to find out once I find out what people where people work that really helps me start you know, getting that but like I said, some eyes can be accountants, so the odd analytical that has personality type, because you always have a major and you always have a minor and the other funny thing is with this when you do it is you’re going to see when you’re when you’re being observed if with your adaptive goes up or down because with your adaptive behavior you have a strong here but maybe when you’re you know if you’re a really strong D maybe you’re nicer when you’re when people are when you’re in a group you want to come off like you’re nicer than really you are sort of thing right? It’s It’s It’s fascinating. Yes, it’s true. But we’re it’s just the way it’s just it just shows up at different times because because I think text for us is the worst thing possible because it can be misconstrued so badly and it’s just not. I’m just trying to be efficient. I’m not trying to be bad, or you know what I mean? And that’s Yeah, but again, where I’ve got some of that is are with my own stuff. I put emojis now. Like, I’ll put some kind of thing with it. And then it’s less harsh for whatever reason that works. Hi, eyes will send all kinds of emojis. I will send one and they I get 15 back I think okay, this person’s high I.

Nazar Kalayji 35:26
There we go. Does anybody else have questions for Jeff? This is when you’d meet yourself or unmute yourself.

Jeff Johnson 35:38
Okay, I’ll see you there was a D comment you see this is where you are unmute yourself. I would say so if you have any questions now just you know feel comfortable. I’m you it’s these very direct cut…from the same cloth.

Nazar Kalayji 35:53
We used to be back in the day use the Tony Robbins free DISC profile. I think they’ve changed that now. So where do you go to do your your DISC profile?

Jeff Johnson 36:02
Yes, I will. I will send out a I’ll send it I’ll send the link out to you. I’ll get my mentor to get my phone and send it out because there’s a better one and it’s free.

Nazar Kalayji 36:14
Okay, awesome. Perfect. Well include that in the in the thing so that people can get it afterwards?

Kristina Kendig 36:22
Yeah, if you can get it there’s people wanting to take it right after so sooner the better. How’s that for a D? Yeah, for sure.

Nazar Kalayji 36:30
Okay, awesome.

Jeff Johnson 36:31
Again, you know, even if you if you guys have direct reports, you should know what their desk is like, I won’t interview anybody until I get this from them. Right because I want to know who I’m talking to. And then you know, if I’m looking for certain positions I go I’m looking for admin or something. I’m looking for somebody with a higher C. Okay, well, I will send that out in a text you design you can send it out to anybody if you guys have any questions, feel reach out and thanks for having me today.

Nazar Kalayji 37:00
Thank you so much, Jeff. Appreciate it was awesome.

Jeff Johnson 37:03
Okay, take care guys.

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