How to Get 12 Real Estate Listings in 12 Months


How to Get 12 Real Estate Listings in 12 Months


Nazar Kalayji: [00:00:00] All right guys, well let’s get started here. I’ve got 10 things that you should be all doing or we should be all doing to be able to get listings. You know, kinda the tagline that I put on there was how to get 12 new listings in the next 12 months, right? So one a month. For some people that might not be a big deal. You are crushing it a high level. Some of you guys, that’s not what you’re doing currently, so this is a chance to be able to get that going. So the very first thing I put on here, I said, you need to be doing one event a month at a minimum of one event. Now, that could be a, an event that you put on yourself, or it could be event that you piggyback on another event that’s taking place in, ideally in that community in which you are currently farming.

Right. Or the community that you guys work. And so if you’re not going to at least one of those events, like in the city of iso, we’re doing the picnic, the park that’s coming up this month at the end of the month. You know, there’s always an event happening. You need to be making sure that you’re always there present in one event.

Okay? That’s the number one thing.[00:01:00] Two, you need to be making sure that you’re having two meals go out each month, two mailers. And that could be, doesn’t matter how small it is or how big it is you need to be sending out. I know that some of you guys will do like, Either a postcard or you guys will have like, just, you know, like a, a newsletter that you, you print out and you mail to a specific geographic area.

No matter what it is, it needs to be at least two times a month that that goes out. Okay? Number three, I put on here. You need to be doing three PopByes in your farm, in your farm to your past clients. So if you have past clients in your farm, You need to be going, doing PopByes. Now, what’s a PopBye? It’s, it’s just super simple going through the house, unannounced without an appointment and just knocking their door and saying, Hey, as the neighborhood just decided, decided to stop by and, and usually would have like some type of a treat to give to them right Now.

The cool thing is if you don’t have pest clients in the farm that you are trying to work, that’s okay. Adopt a past client. Adopting past [00:02:00] clients are super simple, right? Most of the time a transaction, especially in areas where. You would have an agent that’s out of the area that comes and sells the house in the area in which you work, and then leaves and doesn’t come back.

That client is an abandoned client. So it’s very easy to be able to go to those people and the way you find them is just going and knocking on the doors of the homes that just sold, like, wait two, three weeks, right? But then go knock on their door and say, Hey, congratulations on moving into this community.

Here’s some things. And then, you know, give ’em some type of value about the community, about the neighborhood. You know, tell me, Hey, this is where the local parks are. This is where the, you know, my, my five favorite restaurants are, you know, here’s where Costco is, whatever. Right. Just tell ’em about the name of the community and say, Hey, are you okay?

Is there, would it be okay if I, you know, I know you just recently bought this house two weeks ago. Would it be okay if I followed up with you just to make sure to see how you’re doing, how you like the neighborhood and, and the community? If you have any questions about the community, I’d love to be that resource for you.

Okay, so adopting a trend or a [00:03:00] client could be very, very easy and it should be done on a regular basis because those agents are not doing it. So they’re just, they’re being abandoned. Okay. So those are three, Popeyes. Number four is to do four open houses a month. You should be doing open house every single week, once a week consistently.

And if you, they’re not doing it on a Saturday, should be doing it during the week, if you can. Right. What’s really cool right now is that, the summer months are coming. They, they’re already here. Doesn’t get dark until eight, right? Eight 30. It’ll get, it’ll get to get to a point where it’s at nine o’clock or even nine 30 before it gets dark.

So doing an open house from like, Four to six or four to seven in the afternoon, or from five to seven is a great time to be able to meet people that are coming back from work. They see open house signs. People are not doing them typically, so it’s a great way to be able to connect with them. You know, you get some wine out, some cheese, and you know, it could be a great time for them to come and just relax for a minute and, and, and take that opportunity to be able to connect with them.

Okay? So four open houses a month. Five. [00:04:00] You should be doing five posts. On social media every single week. So one a day. Okay, so five posts a week. And thing that people forget to do sometimes is that when you are doing a post on social media that you should be tagging the cities, not just the city, but the cities that you work in.

So going and just tagging every single city that you work in, because what happens is that people that don’t know you, We might follow the city that they live in. And if you tag that city, it’s gonna pop up and it’s gonna show them on their feed what you’re saying, right? And hopefully it has print information, some type of value that you’re offering to them, and they’ll be able to connect with you that way.

Number six, cma. You need to be doing six CMAs a month. Okay? Six CMAs a month. Now again, you can do a very extensive cma. You can do a very simple one page cma. You can do the, you know, the, the screenshot and we, we, we’ve already talked about this, do a screenshot [00:05:00] of the Zillow’s estimate and put that on you know, a piece of paper and eight and a half by 10 on a work Word document and say, Hey, this is what Zillow says your house is worth, and here’s reasons why I think it’s wrong.

And, and then, you know, going and dropping that off or doing the full on like, You know, one of those the CMA providers that will do like a a hundred page document or 50 page document that wor looks like you’ve, like, put a lot of time and effort into it. If you’ve got someone that’s analytical, they’re gonna love that type of data cuz it just has so much stuff for them to go over and, and look through.

So, I don’t care if it’s a one page document or if it’s a 50 page document. As long as you’re getting those CMAs and going and dropping it out at someone’s house, you know, get Melina those, those yellow folders, Melina folders or whatever it’s called. Put it in there and then drop it off at their house.

Okay? It’s a simple way to be able to make face-to-face contact and also give ’em something of value. And of course when you’re there, they are there, you can ask ’em questions like, Hey, you know, tell me about what you’re looking to, why’d you decide to make a move? Or, you know, have you thought about making a move?

I know you’ve been here for x amount of years, you’ve got some [00:06:00] equity, yada yada. Okay? So do six of those every single month. Let’s see, next one. Seven CMAs need to be done to people that are not owner occupied. Okay. If you’re in a state where that information is very easily found, then getting that list of people that are non-owner occupied or investors and creating, there you go.

There, there you go, Tessa. And doing a CMA and mailing it to them. Okay. Typically, Typically, investors are gonna be a little bit older, and so they’ll appreciate an actual hard copy of something instead of a digital copy. And so getting those CMAs printed out, right, if you, again, if you wanna be super analytical and, and, and do like the, the very thick copy of it, the, the 50 pages or so, you can mail that to ’em, it’s gonna be, you know, it might cost you two, three bucks to do, but I promise it’d be well worth it.

And if, again, if you, you’re doing that on a consistent basis every single month to that client, that non-occupied. They might have their home let rented out, right? Obviously. But when that time comes with the, the, the [00:07:00] the, the tenant is moving out and the new tenant’s coming in, that’s a perfect time for them to say, gosh, I’m, I’m just ready to be done with this house.

I’m done. Or I wanna sell this home and do a 10 31 exchange into another property. So that’s a great way to be able to connect with people and, and investors so that you can make sure that you, they, they know that you are, the person that they need to be connecting with. When they go to sell the property, especially if they’re, if they live outta the area.

Okay, so seven CMAs to non occupies. Eight. You should be going on eight listing appointments a month. Okay. Eight listing appointments a month. That’s two a week. If you don’t have a listing appointment, like you need to do, be doing whatever you possibly can. All the things that we’ve talked about in the past or, you know, the, the seven things above it to be able to get yourself a listing appointment, even if it’s a listing consultation.

Right. Even if it’s just someone that says, Hey, I’m, I’m contemplating selling, but I’m not sure. Go to their house and do a listing presentation. When you do listing presentations and you’re doing two a week, [00:08:00] guess what that’s gonna do? It’s gonna give you more opportunities to be able to get list homes listed.

But another thing is it’s gonna keep you fresh on your toes, of how to present properly. It’s gonna get you more role playing, but with real people opportunity to be able to sharpen your skills and know how to connect with. Perspective sellers and wanting to list their homes. Okay, so if you’re not doing that today, if you’re not currently going on listing appointments every single week, like there’s a missed opportunity.

And even if you have to like go to your mom’s house and do the listing presentation with your mom, like do it right. Practicing that is like any other thing that you do that you wanna get good at. Right. Most agents don’t go on a whole bunch of listing appointments, and because of that, when they do have an a listing appointment, they, they get all frazzled and scared and then they freaking totally screwed up when they go to that, that person’s house.

So spending the time roleplaying, spending 30 minutes, 40 minutes looking through comps and, and showing comps to people as a huge way of doing that on a regular basis. I’ve gotta one this morning. Fantastic.[00:09:00] Again, going on a weekly, two times a week, listing appointments, ideally with people that really wanna sell their house, but even if it’s not doing it as a role, play is a huge way to be able to continue to build opportunities for you to, to increase your skillset so that when you do and it’s real, that, that it counts and you’re able to get that listing taken.

And then obviously handling objections in that, in that process. Number nine, you should be getting nine handwritten notes, right? If, if you guys have like a, a, you know, little card that has, it doesn’t have to be branded, it could just be whatever, but just a note card where you can actually write a handwritten note to somebody in the farm.

Where you’re putting it in an envelope, a little stamp, handwriting their, their name, handwriting your information, and then mailing that to them. You guys, people like when you get postcard or when you get a a little card in the mail, people open that up. Right, because it doesn’t look like it’s solicitation.

It doesn’t look like it’s, it’s you know, someone’s trying to, it’s not a bill, right? It’s like, oh, what is this? This is, is this an invitation to a party? Right? Whatever it is, this gets opened up and [00:10:00] read more than you think, especially if it’s an older generation or older community that you live in.

Okay? So this is huge to be able to do that. And again, like it could be to your past clients, it could be to just someone that you met. When you’re door knocking and they made an impression on you, even if it’s just to say, Hey, this is Naar, you know, with Five Realty. I just wanted to let you know that, you know, it was great talking with you on your front door.

You know, you probably have one of the, the prettiest You know, front yards. I have seen it in a long time. You know, I really enjoyed seeing your daffodils or whatever. You know, just something that, that makes it memorable to you. And then just send this in the mail to them, like you’ll make that secondary impression on them to be able to say, you know what?

Gosh, I really liked Sandy. She, she came to my house that one time. And they’ll remember that. They’ll remember that, especially if you put in a couple of your business cards in there and mail that to them. Okay. And number 10 is making sure that you’re making 10 new contacts every single day. Now, the two easiest ways to be able to do that is to go door-knocking or to circle prospect.[00:11:00]

I like door-knocking because I built my business that way, and I think a huge way to be able to build rapport with people is getting face-to-face with them. Okay? If you’re face-to-face with somebody, you have the highest chance of been able to get them to know, like, and trust you, okay? If, if they’re getting a mailer from you and they don’t, they’ve never met you before.

Then it doesn’t matter. Right? The reason we do this big old picnic in the park event is that people get to see us face-to-face, right? The, reason that we get together with people face-to-face is it allows us to be able to truly understand and, and absorb the, the, you know, see if we like them or not, right?

People, they’re not gonna do business with people they don’t like. And so, and if they don’t know you, that’s another thing. Let’s see. Vanessa asked, how do we get cards like that? Or five logos that have, okay. So again, it’s, it’s, it’s just super simple. You, should be able to get them from your, your marketing department.

You know, some people just like this basic one, and then some people have it branded to them, you know, more specifically with like, you know, that you could have like your brand in front and the back. You could have [00:12:00] your picture on it or whatever else. So, lots of different ways to do it, and they’re fairly inexpensive to do to, to get, and frankly, even if you don’t have this, don’t make this be an excuse as to why you don’t do it.

You can just go to, you know, whatever store and just buy some greeting cards and write it out and, and send it out to them, right? Ideally they’re branded, but if they’re not, it’s not a big deal. The whole point is to just get it done. I know that I don’t know where, I just read what it said. Done is better than perfect, right?

Done is better than perfect. Just get it done, put on your calendar and get it done. So you guys, I’ve given you 10 things that you need to be doing. On a, on a regular basis to be able to get listings. Now here’s the cool thing, and here’s what I find really interesting is that if you guys were doing these things, you would have the success that you want to have cuz it’s not complicated, right?

If you were really take the time to do every single one of these things, you would get listings. And here’s the cool part is that if you got 12 listings by doing this, I’m sure you’d get more. But if you got those 12 listings, then that should translate into 12 [00:13:00] additional buyer transactions, right? That should be 24 transactions.

If you guys are doing 24 transactions in a year, in most markets, you’re a rockstar, right? So it’s not that difficult to do. And so I know that a lot of times, like we get stuck in this rut of like, I don’t know what to do. You wake up in the morning, you know, you check your calendar, you’re like, well, only I have on here is a training at, you know, 10 30 or 1130, or whatever time it is for you, and that’s all you have in your calendar.

Who would admit that right now? Who can admit that this is only thing you have on your calendar today? Was, was, was this meeting right now? Anybody? No. You’re not gonna admit that. I’d love to sh I’d love for, to, for you to open your calendar to show me on, on your screen of what your, the rest of your day looks like.

Because if it’s not on your calendar, it’s not gonna get done. Right. If these things that I shared right now is not on your calendar, you just won’t do it because something will always come up. Something [00:14:00] always comes up, right? There’s always a fire to put out. Either be a transaction you’re dealing with or kids, or whatever it may be, they’ll distract you from doing the things that will actually make you money.

And the 10 things we talked about today are the things that will truly make you money. But it’s something that doesn’t happen immediately, right? You don’t go and, and you know, knock doors for an hour and then miraculously you get a transaction, ha happen. It doesn’t work that way. It’s the small things done over and over and over again that will ultimately get you the results that you’re looking for.

Again, we talked about door knocking right now. You guys right now is the summer months, right? Kids are outta school. Right. Graduations are all over. People are gonna be making moves. People, you know what? Right now’s the time. And people have this per, you know, perception or had this perception that people weren’t moving, that buyers weren’t buying.

But guess what, that’s not true. Right? Buyers are still buying interest rates have not, they’ve had an impact on buyer’s demand, but they’re still buying independent of what rates have done. And that’s been proven because you [00:15:00] could look on the MLS and see transactions that have closed in the last 30 days.

Transactions won’t have gone pending in the last 30 days. So don’t let that fool you and, and make sure that you’re letting your clients know that when you’re talking to people on the street, when you’re talking to people, when you’re on knocking on their door, that you let them know that there are still people buying property.

Right. It’s not over. And right now the summer months are when people actually make moves. They have kids, they’re either downsizing, they’re upsizing, they’re moving outta the state. They’re moving out of the city. Right now is the time for us to be able to double down. Double down. I know that a lot of times agents will take a whole bunch of time off during the summer cause they, you know, they’re, they have their own families and they’re, they’re taking time off and so they kind of let go of the, the gas pedal a little bit.

But right now’s the time to double down. I’m not saying don’t go on that vacation, right? Go spend time with your kids, go spend time with your family, but make sure that when you are working, the days you are, that you’re being intentional. And by being intentional means that you’ve got your plan in place and your, you have got in your calendar and you actually make the work.

You do the work.[00:16:00] Who’s got some limiting beliefs on the things that I’ve said that may not work? Anyone have any thoughts on like, well, Nazar, I’ve tried that once and it didn’t work. Or, or I, I really don’t want to go knock on doors cause I wanna, I don’t wanna bug people. Does, does anybody have that thought process?

Yeah. Tessa, what is the thought that you have surrounding that? Yeah, so I’ve, I’ve always been like weird about door knocking because I absolutely hate it when people knock on my front door and I don’t answer it. So and I have a farm, as you guys probably all know and I finally was like, okay, I’m gonna go out there.

I’m gonna door knock for the first time because I have like a really strict HOA here and. You know, my limp, I always tell myself I don’t wanna end up on my Facebook group with, you know, pictures of me door knocking and piss people off. But anyways, I’m on door knocking and sure enough I talked to probably, you know, 10 different people that actually opened the door, two of which just signed a listing agreement with another agent.

And they were like, where were you? And I’m like, you get my flyers in the [00:17:00] nail twice a month. Like, why didn’t you call me? You know, But so now I’m making it more of a regular routine to, to go door knock, you know, cuz I thought I was really active with the postcards and the Facebook group, but door knocking really is, it really makes such a difference.

So just getting that out of your head and, and just doing it, even if you sound like an idiot, who cares? Like, you’ll get better. Just go out and do it consistently. Yeah, I used to have this thought process that, you know, I don’t want people to bug me and therefore I don’t wanna bug others. And when I took that limiting belief outta my head and thought, I’m gonna go there because I’ve got something of value.

Now, if you go to someone’s door and you just say, Hey, how’s it going? And they’re like, okay, how can I help you? And you’re like, just came to say hi. Like, get out of my face. Like, what are you doing here? You know, you’re, you’re absolutely bugging ’em in that sense. But if you come and you knock on the door and they answer the door, And you act like they are your best friend that you haven’t seen [00:18:00] in like six months.

You know, like, oh my gosh, how, how you doing? How’s, how have things been? Not being obnoxious, but just having like an, you know, a positive energy and saying, Hey, listen, the reason I stopped invited in, I know that I’ve, I don’t have an appointment with you and know I’ve come un unannounced, but I wanted to stop by because I wanted to tell you that your neighbor literally just sold her house for.

$50,000 above list price or whatever, whatever it is, whatever value that you wanna give to them, right? Whatever piece of information that you, they may or may not have had, you’re providing to ’em at that moment of time. And even if it’s, Hey, I stopped by today because we’ve got buyers or, you know, just dying to be able to move into this community.

And I stopped by to see if you had any thoughts on making a move at all. Right? And that’s it. Like, it’s that simple. You, you’re not there to convince them to make a move if they don’t want to. You’re not there to convince them, right? You can’t force someone to sell their house. You can’t. I don’t know if you guys, I [00:19:00] watched this movie and Vanessa, I’ll get you in a second.

I watched this movie a long time ago. I don’t even know where it was called, but this mobster you know, came from a different part of the country, came to I think it was Beverly Hills, and he was driving to his appointment and while I was driving to this appointment, he saw this house. And it was beautiful.

Had a beautiful lush, you know, landscaping. And and then he stopped, had the, the person stop the car. He was in the backseat, you know, he was in, in a limo. He gets out of the car and he goes to the front door, knocks on the front door, and this person open and answers the door and says, how can I help you?

He’s like, I wanna buy your house. How much is it? And he goes it’s not for sale. He goes, yes it is. How much do you want for your home? He goes, you can’t afford my home. He goes, how much do you want for your house? E every home is for sale. And he goes, and he just threw some ridiculous number out, right?

He goes, okay, get outta my house. And he goes and he like, he had his mobster guy come open up a brief [00:20:00] briefcase and like gives him all this money that he said that he wanted. And he goes, get the heck outta my house. And the guy just gets up and leaves and he goes inside his home. Now I know that’s fictitious, but there’s always a price.

Right. Like if you came to my house and you offered a specific dollar amount that’s in my head or above that, I would freaking tell my family, stop what you’re doing. Get the freak out of this house. It’s no longer ours. Right. So everyone has that price in their head and so sometimes it’s a fun game to play when you go to their home and be like, Hey, listen, at what price would you be a seller at?

You know, if they say to you, oh, I’m not gonna sell, say that’s cool. I, I understand you’ve been here for five years and you have no intentions of going anywhere. That’s, I, I appreciate that. But if you did, where would you go and at what, what, at what price would you become a seller? Right? At what price would you have to get to where you’d be like, dude, I’m cashing out.

Right? Everyone has that. Like, even in my head, I know that if my Bitcoin that I have, I’ve, I’ve got two of ’em, two little Bitcoins. They’re growing. If it gets this a specific number, I’m [00:21:00] out. Like, I’m done. And so everyone has that number and so let’s go play that game. Let’s find out what it is. Right, Vanessa, you’ve got some questions and then I think some, some people put stuff on there as well.

Okay. What

Vanessa Allen: questions I just had this is a positive one for your number. Six CMAs I never thought about, we always do CMAs for our clients or for someone we think might be selling their home that we know, but I never thought about just mailing those, so I just thought that was a real cool idea to mail out CMAs to build my clientele.

Nazar Kalayji: Yep. I, I think that here I’m, I’m posting the, the the 10 there on, on the, on the group track. I think people were asking about it. Yeah. Ideally, Vanessa, you, you go and, and drop it off in person and have a conversation with them, but if you don’t mailing ’em as, as next best thing for sure you know, past clients or just whomever, right?

Like just getting it out there and just going and knocking on those doors, getting it out [00:22:00] there. Just letting people know. The thing about in the state of Utah, it’s a non-disclosure state. And so that means that when a home sale, when the home sales complete, the MLS acknowledges what the home sold for.

But it’s not public data. And therefore Zillow does not know what a home sold for, which is kind of crazy to me. And so when you go on the a estimate or when you go on on Zillow, like in California, they’ll tell you exactly what the home sold for. Right? And Utah, It’s blank, there’s nothing there. And so people like don’t know what a, what, what the home sold for in the neighborhood.

They, they’ll, they’ll see that it was listed, but they don’t know what it’s sold for. So it makes it even more advantage for us to be able to then offer that, that, that value to them. But even, yeah.

Vanessa Allen: So you’re saying I should also, the main thing is to drop it in person then ideally, and to meet the neighbors and get to know them.

Nazar Kalayji: Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. Knocking on, knocking on the door, [00:23:00] giving it to them a person is the easiest and best way to be able to do that. Let’s see, what did you say, Nino?

Oh wait, what? What’d you say? The mobster, Bugsy, and. Oh, is that, is that the story that I just told? Siegel is a guy who bought that home in Hollywood from a producer. Oh, he knocked out the store? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. He was also the first guy who built a casino, the Flamingo in Las Vegas. Gotcha, gotcha.

Okay. So Seth asked if I primarily knocked on expired listings, all of it, right? Knock on expired listings, cancel listings. Back in the day when foreclosures were, were, were prominent, I would, knock on do, do not or no defaults nor trustee sales. And then just, just listed, just sold, right? Like it is, you have to, like, anytime that there’s any type of a movement happening, that’s when you go and, and, and, and connect with those people.

Like, I don’t just blindly knock on doors just to knock on doors. I’ll pick strategically [00:24:00] either, you know, someone that has tried to sell their house in the past. Or has currently sold their home. Because if you go knock on the door of the home that’s sold, you can do a couple things. You can do one, adopt that client, right?

Hey, congratulations on moving into this neighborhood. Even if you’re got a freaking, like $5 little gift card you know, to Starbucks or a little gift basket with like, you know, pertinent information about the community inside of it. With your business card and say, Hey, congratulations moving here. Do you have any questions about the community or about, you know, what’s happening?

Here’s the local events of what’s happening in the next, you know, two, three months or whatever it is. Invite them to the picnic of the park, you know, or the next event that’s happening. Just something, give that to them. Right. Congratulations, whatever, and then say, Hey, by the way you know, I’d love to be able to let you guys let you, you know, let you know and, and adopt you as a client or, or however you wanna word it, but just saying, would you like to, for me to be able to, you know, continue following up with you and let you know what’s happening in the community and also what your house is worth, right?

Ob obviously you bought this home, it’s an investment for you, so I’d love to be able to keep you up to date on, on how the value of your home will, will continue to increase over the months, and who’s [00:25:00] gonna say no to that. So get their phone number, get their email address, get their name. Obviously already have their address cause you’re in front of their home.

And then put your, put them in in, you know in your, your crm and then bam, continue to follow up with them moving forward. So adopting a client that way and then, then going and knocking on the doors around them and, and saying, Hey, your neighbor so-and-so just moved into the community. They’re the Gonzalez family.

They’re phenomenal. They, they moved here from, Torrance, whatever you should go introduce yourself to them. And by the way, they, they, they bought their home for $700,000 or $900,000, whatever it is. And wanted to know if you had any thoughts on making a movie yourself. Right. It’s, it’s very simple, easy conversations to have with people.

It’s not like you’re selling some stupid gizmo or some gadget that no one cares about. Okay. Okay. So someone had hand raised, I don’t know who it is. So if you wanna unmute yourself and ask a question.

Jonathan Patterson: Hey, can you hear me? Yep. Hey, this is Jonathan Patterson. Just really quick, I just wanted to touch on the, the thing you said about making 10 contacts a day.

For me, it worked. I, [00:26:00] I talk to people all day, every day, so for me, the 10 contacts is easy and it has been effective. Like the last couple of listings that I’ve had, well, I would say last three listing appointments that I had recently were all just from. Literally walking by people and just saying hi and having the conversation.

I’m a realtor and you know, have you thought about selling your home? Or you know, do you have any questions as far as real estate or just making casual conversation about anything that relates to them that I can see as far as, like, let’s say I see somebody walking dogs, I know I have dogs. I’ll have that conversation and then kind of lead into it.

So yeah, the tax a day thing definitely works

Nazar Kalayji: And appreciate that Jonathan, like it is hard to do. You guys, you know, I, I know that had this thing with Ryan McGinnis at one point where I, I challenged him to make 10 contacts every single day that he worked. And it’s hard to do when, when life gets busy, but it’s also an important thing to do because that’s what keeps.

You from riding that rollercoaster ride of like getting super busy and then not having anything going on [00:27:00] because you, you are too busy servicing the transaction that you’re working with. Janelle asked, what grab statement would you do when you knock on doors on expired listings? There’s several different ways in which you could approach that when you’re knocking on their door.

Janelle? One of the things that I think are super helpful to do is just to inquire about why they wanted to sell and where they’re going to be to begin with. Just to open the, the, the ice or, you know, break the ice a little bit. So if I was to role play that with you, I’d say, Hey, you know, I’m really, really sorry that you had your house listed for sale for six months and we’re unsuccessful.

Tell ’em if you had sold your house, where would you have, where were you planning on moving to next? And then why is that? Why, why were you planning on moving? Right? And based on how they answer that question is gonna allow me to be able to kind of dive in deeper and, and draw on that pain point of them moving and saying, Hey, listen, tell me why do you think your home didn’t sell in the last six months, in the last four months?

Why don’t, why don’t think your house sold? And if you say, well, homes aren’t selling, they’re like, you know what? That is a common misconception that people have. But what’s interesting, I don’t know if you knew this or not, [00:28:00] but the last six months that your home was on the market that didn’t sell in our community, there’s actually 120 homes that sold.

Right. Wouldn’t it be cool if your house was one of them? And if I can show you how I could, I could have made your home be one of those homes that sold. Would you like to at least explore that option? Would you bring something to have those numbers or, I would absolutely have those numbers. Absolutely. I mean, again, you, you know, you know, like if you’re whatever city that, that, that, that expireds zen, you can pull up the date of homes, not just like in their price point.

Right. Just in general, how many homes sold in that community in, in the last however many days that their homes on the market. And you can be specific. You can say, Hey, your home was listed for 69 days and within those 69 days, these are how many homes that sold in that time period. These are how many homes pending in that time period.

Right? And you could also bring up, these are how many homes also try to sell their hospital unsuccessful, right? Pull up all the expireds within that timeframe where the cancels within that timeframe. And [00:29:00] say, these homeowners were all unsuccessful. So a lot of agents, a lot of homeowners think that all agents are alike and that, that we all do the same thing, but that that’s clearly not the case.

Right. And so if I can show you exactly how we are different and how we can help you get your home sold, would you be open to having that discussion? No. No. Well, you know, bring me a buyer. Bring me a buyer and they’ll sell my house to you. Say, great. So if I brought you a buyer, you’re willing to pay me a commission.

Is that correct? Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. Cool. So do you mind if I make an appointment so I can see your house or do you have time right now to show me your home on the inside? Well, why you? Show it to me. You know, why don’t you see the property when, when is listed? Say, that’s actually a great question.

I. Try my best to be able to get to every single property, but I was busy working on the buyers that I had and the sellers that I was representing and getting their home, their home sold. So would would now be at an appropriate time or would you like me to come back another time for me to be able to see your house and, and you know, discuss what we can do and see if I’ve got a potential buyer that might be interested in your house and we can use that.

You know what Doug had mentioned a long time ago, [00:30:00] Edington, where he said, you know, is it okay if I do one party showing. I’d love to be able to see the in inside of your house because there’s not a lot of inventory right now. And so if there’s a buyer that I’m working with that might buy a home or might might want a house similar to yours and your home’s not on the market right now, I’d love to be able to bring ’em by and show ’em your property.

Would that be okay? Well, yeah, absolutely. Great. And then so you, you know, that gets your foot in the door, so always start with curiosity of why they’re. Why they initially wanted to sell and then go into, cuz you know, sometimes if you, if you see a home that’s expired or canceled and it’s been like two days or a week on the market or even 30 days or less, then you know their cha their, the, the, it might have been that the, their, their plans changed, right?

Something happened. They were looking for job transfer that didn’t work out or something didn’t pan out and so they, they’ve decided to change their plants. But if they’ve been on the market for, gosh, more than 60 days, Like they’re pissed off that their home didn’t sell, and most of the time they’re, they’re blaming something, right?

You can, you can [00:31:00] go there and, and help ’em out with that. Okay. So we’ve spoken a lot. Does anybody else have any other questions or thoughts?

Jonathan Patterson: Nazar, I have a, a very unique situation actually going on right now. Maybe you can help me navigate through it and kind of give the, the group some knowledge on how to navigate situations like this.

But I have a lady who had me send her. A listing agreement through email. She didn’t want the listing presentation. She’s already had multiple realtors that she had list her property and that she’s interviewed that she’s fired. So she’s a really hard cookie to crack. So I sent her the contract. She was on board at first and then she’s like, well, you know, I’m gonna press pause.

Me and my daughter are gonna decide who we actually, or how we want to actually list our home if we want to go another route, because we’ve already tried the traditional. Way of listing our home multiple times and it didn’t pan out. So I can’t get in front of her to give her the listing presentation.

What can I say to her that can kind of let her know, like, Hey, you know, [00:32:00] we go about it a different way. Cuz I think she needs to be like, she needs to be aware that we’re different than the rest, but I can’t really get in front of her to give her that listing presentation. How can I hook her in?

Nazar Kalayji: Why don’t you just go to her house, just show up.

Jonathan Patterson: Why you just not, I mean, I’ve, I don’t know. That seems kind of evasive, like considering we’ve already talked. That’s how I met her. I met her.

Nazar Kalayji: Don’t show up with a gun. Right. That’s your job. Jonathan show up with like, go for, go freaking knock on her door. Just be like, Hey, I, I, you know, I know that you’re super frustrated that you home didn’t sell, and I know you’re, you’re just kind of frustrated about the whole experience.

And, and, but I’m here. I’m here to tell you exactly what we’re gonna do to get your home sold. And then, you know, obviously I have your bullet points of what it is that you feel is what caused her home not to sell last time. And be completely blunt, like I loved what Brandy said. She, she’s she listed a home, co-listed a house with Gary Gold, who, you know, sells gajillion dollar properties in Beverly Hills.

[00:33:00] And you know, I love that brand. He said that he just doesn’t give a shit. Like, he’ll just speak his peace. Like he doesn’t care. And so, and you know, just be like, Hey, listen, your home didn’t sell because of you had your home listed for way higher than it needed to be. Because if they’re not gonna listen to you, then it is what it is, right?

Like you, you can’t, you can’t persuade anybody to listen to you. Either they’re gonna trust you and trust your judgment or they’re not. And so, yeah, go to her house and have your listing Pres or listing book there with you Have your listing contract there. And then see if you can get it in the door. And if you can’t, then at least show up, give it to her in, in person, and then say you know, I’d love to be able to talk to you a little bit more about that.

Yeah, that, that’s what I was thinking of. RPR, that that’s the one that’s got, like, you can do like a 50 page, a hundred page or 20 page CMA and it could be very simple that way. Alright, guys. All right, I’ll, I’ll let you know if I get casted out. Yeah. Again, don’t get arrested. Just be nice and smile.

All right, if you guys have any other questions, reach out to me. Otherwise, [00:34:00] thank you for your time. You guys, if you wanna invite anybody to this, these masterminds, th these, these are recorded, they are on our websites, but obviously, you know, live in person is always better, so if you wanna invite people, you’re more than welcome to, you know, shared link with them.

So, all right, you guys have an awesome Thursday. I will catch you next week.



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