Real Estate Lead Generation – Lisa Doyle



Real Estate Lead Generation – Lisa Doyle

Who doesn’t want more real estate leads, right? Lisa Doyle joins us for some of the best real estate coaching in the industry teaching us her lead generation strategies that she is using in 2023. Lisa is a seasoned agent who knows what to do to get clients. She shares little tips and tricks as well as big game-changing ideas in order to stand out among your competitors. Watch and learn as she shares some great lead-generation strategies!

Nazar Kalayji 0:00
So I’ve known Lisa for a very long time. In fact, she was in one of my first masterminds as a part of, and that was a phenomenal several years that lasted. So she is in the Bay Area in Danville, California. So things about 45 minutes from from San Francisco from the mistaken.

Lisa Doyle 0:29
Yeah, we’re about 45 minutes east of the city. So we’re very suburban, you know, very pretty area, rather than being in the city last San Francisco bay.

Nazar Kalayji 0:37
The dirty, infested city of San Francisco. Anyway, so she has a breadth of knowledge. She has a ton of stuff to share with us today. So I’m super excited to be able to get her on here. And so we’re running late. So go ahead, Lisa, take over.

Lisa Doyle 0:49
Yeah, we’ll get right on with so Nazar when Nazar. And I first talked about, you know, meeting with you guys. I think, you know, for me, one of the things that I love to share more than anything else is our lead generation is something that’s been my favorite forever. You know, I am I know that. You know, marketing and lead generation is such a critical piece of our businesses, right, no matter how long we’ve been in the industry. So, you know, I want to talk a little bit about, you know, how you guys go about maybe getting a lot more disciplined in those areas? Now, are most of the people in this are most of the agents are on the Zoom? Are they more experienced? Are you growing teams? Are we talking about, like a wide variety of, of experience? The whole gamut? Okay, very good. So and I think regardless of how long we’ve all been in the industry, you know, lead generation is going to always be a kind of a pillar of our, you know, of our of our business growth. You know, and I, I’ve always come from this space, I don’t know if you guys have ever heard anyone shadow share, you know, there’s two ways to look at our industry, you can be marketing focused, with lead generation being a small part, or you can be a lead generation business with marketing support. And honestly, I think that for us to be as profitable as we can be, especially if you’re trying to build new territories. You know, a lead generation based business with marketing support is the way that you’d want to go, it also doesn’t cost as much. But you want to either yourself and or your team, be involved in a little bit more of what you call the sweat of their business as well. So I want to talk a little bit about that. And I had the great fortune last week to spend a couple days with Tom Ferry, do they do most of the Nazar do most of the agents have been experienced? Exposed to Tom? Thanks. Okay, good. Yeah, we spent two days last week kind of talking about this exact subject. So we’re going to talk about some strategies that will help you today’s world different than what we had back in 2018. So as the market evolves, and consumers evolve, and how they message and how they respond, you know, critical to change our approach. So couple things to think about, as far as kind of going back to a little bit of a basics for to develop your lead generation, I would say the critical pieces you’ve got to get you got to get super disciplined in the way that you schedule. And we’ve all been like, I’ve been sitting down this last few days to look at our second quarter, and really analyzing and I would say take some notes about looking at your first quarter and looking at your last year and what you want to accomplish the rest of the year. You really need to decide what do we want to what do we want to tweak and adjust What mistakes have you made? You know, where are you? Where are you needing to improve so that you can start fresh with your with it with the idea of lead generation now on it? If you guys raise a hand real quick, how many of you on the line Are you are you feeling like you’re kind of building from scratch as far as your personal lead generation? Are you guys already in tuning you just want to tweak and adjust? Where are we at to say that you’ve already you’ve already got a pretty disciplined approach to your to your lead generation process comes up. Okay, so we’re starting from scratch and and honestly Carl are honestly Nazar, anyone who wants to jump in and ask a question along the way, feel free to let me know. So here’s step one that I want you guys to do. I want you to sit down and really create a schedule now Nazar? Are you meeting with your team? Do they? Are they meeting like once a week to go over? Strategies? Or where are you guys at with that? Where are you guys at with their business plans? Like q2 business plan.

Nazar Kalayji 4:09
So the people on this call are not all my team. They’re just just agents we’ve invited. Okay, so I don’t know I can’t speak for everybody, but you’ve got the whole you know, you’ve got people that are looking at their numbers from last year and then you got people that are just kind of flying by the seat of the pants.

Lisa Doyle 4:27
Very good. Well, what I would say we just ran some statistics this last week and as we were looking at numbers and where you guys are gonna want to focus so most agents their number one profit center is their geographic farms. And I known as our that’s always been a big part of your marketing lead generation as well. So I would say your your your lead generation to your your geographic farm needs to be super dialed in and super consistent and planned. You know, the best advice I would give you on that and we’ll talk about I’m gonna I’m gonna go over the top four with you. And then we’re gonna go over strategies for each one to kind of dive in a little bit on how you can improve but your god farms being very consistent. And I would say, one of the mistakes that we’ve made over the years is we didn’t go wide enough. I know Nazar, you’ve always been pretty wide. Like how many? How many? How many? What’s your geo farms look like numbers wise. Now, those are personally, are you pretty?

Nazar Kalayji 5:15
I think I think once like 20, something 1000 The other ones 10,000 or so.

Lisa Doyle 5:20
Yeah, pretty, pretty wide. So I would say geo farms number one past clients and sphere of influence number two, the number three pillar that most agents are experiencing the greatest success from has been to really launch a super aggressive, you know, you’re you’re, you’ve all probably heard about your, like open houses being elevated to a level of the the big premier open house where you’re, you know, we have live music and our open houses, we serve champagne, you’re doing a dramatic, you know, like marketing around the open house to draw more sellers to your open houses, you know, we’re all looking for more listings. So I would say that’s something that you want to put in place, a number for most people are experiencing is even, you know, knocking doors, and then one thing that I’m going to teach you guys today is a texting a texting process. You know, we’ve we’ve discovered and we’ve, we’ve ran tests over this last year, when you text someone, the response rate is about 68%, when you leave a voicemail, it’s significantly less. So I’m going to recommend every phone call you make that you follow back up with a text I’m going to give you because that’s where the that’s where the the the dialogue and consumer responses have been greater, you know, there’s a, there’s a way you can get people engaged responding because now most of your most of the, the agents on the line is are looking for listings, that’s more of their focus rather than lead generation for buyers, would that be true?

Nazar Kalayji 6:44
That should be the focus there. But like everyone does, both, right, buyers and sellers,

Lisa Doyle 6:49
Well, and I’ve always been a believer of you know, a powerful listing is going to give you opportunity with buyers to so we’ll talk about that a little bit. But again, the top four being the, you know, geo farm being the top one. So here’s what I’m going to recommend now is there anyone in the in the room that doesn’t have doesn’t have a geo from yet have you guys, you can raise your hand if no one if you’ve not developed an effective geo farm yet. Anyone, okay, so most of you probably are already there, I would say one of the things you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to look at your farms and and become, I guess a lot more deep and then wide. So for us, for instance, you know, we’re very much still in the, in the even after 36 years in this industry, I’m still very much about you know, going deep with a farm, so we still door knock them often, you know, strategically around the the the homes that are selling, most of the sellers right now are very concerned about the markets, you know, these banks failing and a lot of the change from the last couple of years people are a little concerned. So you want to get out there and you want to talk to the people, you know, I would recommend your geo farm needs to incorporate if you can some level of connection around the as the homes are selling. So and I known as ru and I’ve talked about this, you know, you were a much more wide and I was a little bit more deep in the the daily, the daily sweat but but I would say back to the you know, getting back to a little bit of maybe a little bit of old school basics, but it’s super effective right now my team is doing every house that we sell our list, they’re knocking 20 across and 10 on each side. So it’s not a lot of times, but we’ve we’ve seen such a an increase in listing opportunity because of that, you know, most most Realtors aren’t willing to do that. So I would highly recommend so you know is anyone have a question about that? Have any of you tried to do that? Or is is is door knocking kind of a something that you’ve avoided? So give me give me a little heads up somebody jump in and talk to me for a minute.

Unknown Speaker 8:44
I usually do door knocking on open houses. So I do like a day or two of you know door knocking me for the open house. Absolutely aggressive open house, I usually do like three to four during the week during like Thursday, all the way to Sunday. And then my door knocking before

Lisa Doyle 9:00
Yeah, and I would, you know, our strategy on open houses, you know, again, you know, I work with Tom Ferry as a coach and the you know, our agent friends who are very, very powerful at open houses you want to be you want to be you want to be very strategic, because inventories are low in almost all of our markets. And if you’ve got opportunity there where you can can capitalize on the next listing. So you know 30 or 40 signs, you know knocking doors around the open house making sure that you’re not just coming in on the day of your open houses slapping a sign out and expecting that that’s going to be effective. You know, it’s a it’s a social media post on Monday it’s uh, you know, a video posted on Tuesday, it’s a knock on doors the rest of the week and, you know, doing whatever you can to capture that the next listings that are coming. So I would say you know, good job on that. And then so as far as the rest of the conversation on Geo farm, so tell me Is there anyone right now that’s talking about expanding your farms? And the are you any of any of you in a place where that’s the next conversation is, is going wider? So, okay, so that’s if that’s not your conversation, I’m going to recommend that you guys consider that, you know, we’re just seeing markets and I don’t Nizar your your areas pretty similar to ours and that you guys are still seeing a pretty low inventory markets is that pretty consistent across the board? Yeah, so opportunity, you know, as you become profitable in one of your farm areas you need to really look at expanding and, and again, starting out with a little bit more of a sweat approach allows people to be more, you know, more, more profitable quickly. And what I’m going to email you to, we spent a couple of days last week analyzing marketing pieces are really looking at what’s been working the best and what’s been more effective, I’m gonna forward you guys some pieces that have been working for agents across the country. That way you guys can, you know, can basically, you know, duplicate or, you know, make them your own and duplicate for sure. One of the things that we do as a group, and as I mentioned, you know, in our mastermind group that we had two years ago, it’s, you know, we all work in different markets, there’s no reason why you should reinvent the wheel, you know, use what’s working, and you know, and capitalize. And then as far as, as far as one of the most important things that you guys are going to want to encompass. So starting with your geo farm, your past is fair. So give me a little heads up on who’s who’s currently working that group. And tell me a little bit about what you’re doing. So somebody raise your hand and give me a little heads up on what’s working for you guys with that group? Anybody? Give me a little

Kristina Kendig 11:27
Are you saying specifically with the geo farming or specifically with sphere or together?

Lisa Doyle 11:33
So then the the number one source of what most agents are declaring as their highest profitability is the geo farm, the next one has been your past and sphere. I want to get a little heads up from you guys. And what are you doing there? And I’m gonna give you some a little bit of advice on something that’s really been working for us. But yeah, tell me what your tell me what you’re doing as far as that is concerned.

Kristina Kendig 11:53
So I can speak to it kind of for our team, I work for Nazar, we really started reaching out to those past clients and our area here and doing monthly events. I know that there’s several agents on our team that have, you know, gone above what we provide for them as a team and are doing individual events and client appreciation. Reaching out we have one I’m speaking for one of our agents that’s here in our bullpen. She’s geo farming her specific area in her neighborhood. And she’s very active with, you know, participating in community events and reaching out to clients and in her community. And so they’re seeing her a lot, you know, door knock, I don’t think she door knocks but she does mailers, and she’s, you know, clothing drives different things like that the PI events, so not just relying on the team to provide everything but then going above and beyond and reaching out and really working on your sphere that way.

Lisa Doyle 12:47
Yeah, I agree with that. And we are one of the things that we started doing and maybe about six months ago, and it’s been very effective. So 100%, exactly what was your What was your first name, I know you got Nazar on your screen.

Kristina Kendig 13:02
I’m Christina, Christina.

Lisa Doyle 13:03
So yes, events. So I 100% agree with that. And the key to working past and sphere or any lead generation pillar is you have to sit down and make a plan and you have to budget yourself. So we I agree with you, Christina, we’re doing every other month happy hours, which has been really fun and very effective. You know, most people come to that event. You know, if you have 40 people at your, at your happy hour, and it’s it’s pretty affordable. If you do it at the right places, I get two or three people from each time each event asking about real estate. And so I would say that the past and sphere, it’s critical that you’re calling them. And some of the other elements that I want you guys to write down, of course, is any event you can do, we’re also starting to do what you might call like a seller seminar. So it’s almost like it’s about a 45 minute to one hour event where we’re doing them once every other month. And basically what you’re telling your clients is, you know, they’re going to learn about the tax consequences, how to sell in this market, how to capture that the highest dollar. And so I’ll forward you some, these are some of those what those invitations look like. But this the seller seminars, and we’re inviting our past clients and our Geo farms to attend. But, but that those results have been extreme and most of the people that are attending are in this space of looking to retire. You know, the young ones don’t think that they need it because they can just go online and search for it. So it’s the it’s the demographic that’s the downsizers they’re the retirees people move into Idaho, Utah, all across the country. So that’s been an extremely effective but your past and spheres got to be a part of your weekly routines, you know, we’re doing dropped by CMAs now, so like a CMA a day, any day that you don’t have a listing appointment, do a drop by to a client, you know, you’ve got to be there’s all of our markets are so incredibly competitive, that you’ve got to step your site yourself outside of that competition and stand out. And the best way to do that is to get is to get connected. So Christina, you’re 100% Right. You know, back in the day, a phone call every three months or four months and a marketing card was enough, but I think today we have to be so much more than that, you know, we’ve got to really be a part of the community and you know, hosting the events and you can be affordable about it, you know, if you’re if you’re if you’re, if your budget isn’t as strong as it will be, you know, just to CMA a day, and doing that four or five days a week is a great way to start building your, your past client connection. You know, and I would say, one of the things that we’ve done to as we were going through our past clients this year, and most teams that are dominant listing agents, your your past client resources aren’t as high as they could be. So Do any of you work the adopted buyers of your listings as well, and live on them the same way you do your past clients, anybody, I would highly recommend. But all of this, everything that you do takes a plan, you know, and having support to create your plan, but your adopted buyers, we’ve had four or five listings this year already, just by going back five or six years, pulling up the sales we had at that time listings and going and just dropping by the buyers where they were represented by someone else, and bringing them a CMA because most realtors are not doing that. So and we always call it our, we’re not only adopting them, we’re rescuing them, because most agents don’t do their job, you know, they, they sell the house and

Nazar Kalayji 16:15
I can chime in, I think you don’t have to have them be a past client in either direction, you can literally pull up the MLS pull up homes that sold this week, two years ago, three years ago, four years ago, and go drop by and say happy anniversary, you’ve been in your house for three years now. Yeah, here’s what your house is currently worth and do that same type of CMA without having had any interaction with the past and still have similar thoughts

Lisa Doyle 16:39
100% And especially if they’re in your geo farms, even more so because they are somewhat comfortable with your names already. But you guys would be shocked at how a face to face. It’s just it’s such a more powerful means than just a card or a phone call. You know, I think a lot of realtors are a little bit more shy, and and a little bit more. I don’t know, resistant, I guess is the best way to describe. But, but I 100% recommend that. And then here’s so like I said, Just a recap, you know, when you go to look at your desire, and I talked about what we could share today that would be most impactful. You know, lead generation is my favorite conversation. So you want to look at the pillars, you know, you want to have an effective geo farm, obviously, we all want to work our databases to the highest level. And there’s a text message that we’ve been using, and I want to give it to you guys, I’m gonna read it to read it to you real quick. And then I’m gonna and then you guys can I’ll email it to you too. So basically, again, text messages, most clients don’t respond to voicemails like they did back in the day. So I like to call first voicemail. And then on the voicemail, I say, Hey, I’m gonna go ahead and send you a text message as well. So a text message says, and this is to a past client, obviously, if they, if they know us, we can be a little bit more cozy. If it’s just a lead, you’re going to change the dynamic a little bit. But basically, it’s Hi, this is Lisa Doyle. And and the text message goes with all the changes happening in the real estate market right now. I thought you might want to know how it’s impacted your value. And you can even say right now with the banks all closing, you know, I wanted to you know, most people are wondering how that’s impacted their value. Are you still living at the address? And then you and then here, hold on a second. Actually, I’m so sorry. There’s our I had the one I wanted to send you and now it just the way we pull this up real quick. In tight for one second.

Kristina Kendig 18:40
Lisa, while you’re pulling that up, I do have another question that and I don’t know if you’ve touched on it, but how you incorporate your CRM in your follow up with all of these touches that you’re doing?

Lisa Doyle 18:50
Absolutely. So 100% The so this is this is a discussion that most agents have you know, we’re all of us are in the debate of what CRM is the best to use for us. And I would just say taking whatever you have, and using it to the fullest and so yes, you want to have do you mean for like lead follow up and making sure that you that you’ve set your to dues and 100% all of your past sins, fear and every lead? It was probably 20 years ago. Nizar, do you remember Christina Banega? Coach Christina, so Christina back to this by 20 years ago, she said to me, tell me about your lead follow up. What’s your follow up process? Like I said, Well, I look around and I said well, I have stacks of leads and I just call them she’s like well that’s not a that’s not a system. So at that time we developed a full each time you get a lead they get put on what’s called an eight by eight which is once a week for eight weeks they receive a marketing piece and then you’re going to set your to do’s to call them and weekly emails, text messages and 100% Christina you’re you’re on it. So are you are you using a CRM a CRM now most of you guys are you are you have that sort of follow up system and process now.

Kristina Kendig 20:01
Everybody, I would say the majority of will I know if they’re with us they have access to follow up boss. But I think that a lot of us think, oh, that’s for leads that are like channeling Zillow coming in, and we forget to put our sphere on there, and we forget to schedule those touches or do those touches. So I was curious, are you with boomtown? Were you? Yeah, I think I remember. So like just putting those in there. And what sort of system like if you have an automated where you’re sending out that text, like you’re talking about? Or if you’re more organic with that type of follow up?

Lisa Doyle 20:36
So that’s a good question. It’s so it’s so interesting, I think that I think in our follow up world, we everything that we do has to be planned. And it does, it does have to have a system. So like, for instance, you know, a phone call used to be enough, but today’s world there’s so much noise out there, you know, just because a lead is is your you have a hot lead that you have great connection with, you have to do something to, to incorporate the follow up pieces while while they’re in the, in the getting ready stages. So for us, there’s a book called The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. If any of you have not read that yet, I would highly recommend, because it talks it talks detailed about Christina, what you just asked about is, you know, the you want to touch them, I think that realistically, Millionaire Real Estate Agent, and this is what we do you they get touched about 25 to 35 times a year, with email, texting, phone calls, marketing pieces, you know, 100% and now we’re using something that’s super, super powerful. I’m gonna give you guys a little trick. Have any of you heard of Sly dial? Guys using Nizar Have you have you started using Seidel?

Nazar Kalayji 21:40
Um, I haven’t in the past, I’ve had a negative connotation with having voicemails, you know?

Lisa Doyle 21:47
Well, so here’s what I’m gonna recommend, though, I’ve had such a tremendous response from sideout. And it’s been it’s such a powerful thing for us. But I think you have to do it, and maybe a little different than what you might people might have in the past. And so slideout was a is a is a tool that allows you to leave a voicemail to a geographic area or a list of people. And you know, my slide house, people think that I’m just calling and I’ve left them an individual message. So like, for instance, in your geo farms, you can leave a slide out that says, you know, hey, I just wanted to give you the good news. You know, we just sold another neighbor’s house, it’s over on Johnson road. And that, you know, the sellers are so excited we did, we did wind up with multiple offers, or whatever the story is. I’ve had so many come lispy calls from the site, Allison, those are. So I would say you guys check into that. I think that usually individually, we used to do slide out to one person at a time, but a geographic territory, like and Christina and inviting people to your events. And the good thing about $5 It’s basically free. You know, it’s a great way to connect with a group of people or a geographic territory. We use it around our listings and sales, you don’t want to use it too much, because you don’t want people to be over, like oversaturated with messages, but to them, it feels like it was it was delivered by in person, and it drops on their drops on their cell phones.

Nazar Kalayji 23:08
Is it a desktop application as well?

Lisa Doyle 23:12
Yep, yep. And all you do on your phone, and we’re kind of getting a little sidetracked. But I wanted to give you guys a couple tools that help with your geo farms and helps with your past clients will help with all of your lead follow up. If you go to the on the on your cell phone, there’s a memo like voice memo. And so all I do when I do a couple of these a week, record a voice memo I email it to my office to the gal that works for me. And then she drops it to the three or 400 people around whatever we’re doing. Like we’re doing a big Easter egg hunt Saturday, so I did a slide out to the community around inviting them to the event. So I would just say sky Valley has been a great tool for another thing that we found a Seidel helpful kind of back to the past clients is, it was about a year ago, I worked with Coach Carl Mizar. And I said to Carl, I’m having a hard time having enough time to reach out to all of my database, and all of my all of the people that I want to call enough times per year, and he said incorporate Seidel once a year in one of your messages. So for instance, you know, Merry Christmas, you know, happy holiday, whatever Happy New Year, that message can go out to all of your databases so it gives them one touch where you’re not making those calls one at a time. So you know, super effective little hack there, I’m highly recommend and it’s very easy to set up. It doesn’t cost hardly anything. And it’s a it’s a massive use of time to touch a lot of people. So okay, so we’re talking a little bit about geo farm talking about your past and sphere and then open houses so tell me a little bit about any of you that have done what we what we do are mega open house are you guys going all out on open houses? Are you just slapping a sign and starting talk to me? So I think anybody Okay, so you guys know what I what I what we might deem what I mega open house, anybody? Anybody experienced what that would look like?

Nazar Kalayji 25:01
Okay, let’s that I would explain it.

Lisa Doyle 25:04
Okay, very good. So basically mega Open House is basically what we decide is we want to take, we want to take the typical open house and put it on steroids because for us, and our top and the top for for most very dominant agents, open house is one of the top four, you know, profitable lead sources that gives you the highest revenue because what we’re after is the next listing, you know, great buyers are awesome, but truly what you if you if you make if you incorporate a properly run open house, you’re going to catch the next listings in that neighborhood. So what I would recommend is your Open House strategy starts about the Sunday prior to your open house. So I would recommend recording a little video in front of the house, share it on all your social medias, the week of the open house, we we deliver only just seven guys

Lisa Doyle 26:01
sorry about that I had people walking into my space be noisy. So your the pieces of your Mega open house are just if you you know, imagine yourself avalanching the community and everyone that you know, because social proof is powerful. So your past clients will get an email inviting them to the open house. You know, your social medias would be posting video inviting these people to the open house, I would highly recommend for any of you that have the courage get out there and invite the community, you know minimal the streets that are surrounding your open house to invite them. Because you’d be shocked. Right now is the time of year where everyone is thinking about what they’re going to do this year. So this is the time to catch people. I mean, I love to do this all year. But your most powerful way to capture the next listing is to take this listing appointment and this or the listing that you’ve taken and make your open house a way to get more listings. So we’re you know, our our process with an open house is they get an invitation, they get out almost ready, they get the invitation of the open house, then as soon as we go pending, we do the same exact process. As soon as it goes pending, let the neighbors know your pending, and then they get it just sold. And then they get a slight dial. So you’re touching people five or six times with one opportunity. It’s a powerful way to get the next listings. So I’d highly recommend incorporating what you might deem your you know, the premier open house. You know, for next listings, do any of you do any of you have? Are all of you using 25 or 30 signs when you have an open house? You guys pretty Yes, I do. Very good. I talked to an agent recently, she said, Well, I think five or six is plenty, like well, you know, five or six is plenty if you just want to be average, if you want to really make this open house and a tremendous opportunity. I have neighbors tell me all the time, oh my god, I see your signs everywhere. It’s because we have one or two houses open, we’re going to avalanche signs in every direction. And it just it just means that you’re going to get more energy around. This is a very competitive world. And you’ve got to do something to stand out. And then the other of the top four is, you know, is utilizing some sort of online you know, on on an online process for your for your you know, for your lead generation, or any of you utilizing that yet are you doing any sort of house value campaigns or anything online that would allow consumers to come to you asking questions about market values.

Kristina Kendig 28:30
I think that a lot of them because I know we have access to home but but I think that the issue is like you have access to this. It’s what are the next steps so I do I’m sending that out but am I following up with Hey, Lisa, it’s Christina with five did you get the home valuation that I sent you? Or I dropped a CMA off on your porch? Do you have any questions, some interesting things that I saw were x, y and z so I think that that’s where I don’t know if it’s an A thing of getting it on our calendar or just getting that process set out where a lot of us have the disconnect like we’re doing step one, but we’re not doing three four and five right? Well two things

Lisa Doyle 29:09
It is a process you know are any kind of sales industry and this is why I recommended right right from the start you know look at your second quarter you know, look at the rest of your year and decide based on the first quarter you know what tweaks and adjustments do you need to make to your your your daily schedule in order to allow you to have the wherewithal to do this because it does take time you know any sales industry is is all about schedule. So you know, we read from with my team, you know, we do a morning text message and everyone’s on their morning routine if you can, if you can, if you can master your morning routine till about one in the afternoon and you’ve incorporated the time Christine and to do the to make your phone calls and do your follow up and call your past clients and you know all of the lead generation processes. And then we like to go door knocking in the afternoons couple days a week. You know, and then one night a week it’s I have, I coached agents for Tom Ferry for a number of years. And one of the things that we always said is if you can master your, your mornings, you set aside one or two afternoons and then one evening a week to do the types of connection you’re talking about. It will allow you to grow, you know, but it does take it does take schedule, consistency and discipline. Another thing that you guys, before we go on to that I found that text message I want to share with you. Before we talk a little bit about you know, any other questions that you guys have part of its mindset, too, you know, I recommend there’s about there’s about 10 or 20, excellent books that you can eat that you guys can tune into, that will give you a little bit more disciplined approach to your business. Because anyone on this call, listen to and or read a book called take the stairs, anybody, I’m going to send over Nizar a couple of things, the marketing pieces, the top 10 books I’m going to recommend, but I would highly encourage all of you to tune into a book, like take the stairs immediately, because it talks about the the daily disciplines required, accumulated over time, that will give you what you want. Because our industry is all about building a pipeline. And, you know, lead the lead generation is the is the tool that will allow you to get there, you know, and then, like I said, I’m going to tell you two things that will disturb momentum in your business, once you get on a lead generation process is complacency and overwhelm. So if you in advance, determine that you’re going to overcome the complacency that comes up. Sometimes when we have momentum, you know, people get a little bit lazy, things are working fine. But as soon as you stopped doing what got you there, you’ll come to a screeching halt, and you’re back to starting at zero again, you know, complacency and overwhelm. And overwhelm is just, you know, having structure in place and systems in place to allow you to consistently do what you want to do. Day in and day out. You know, now, Christina, do most of the people on the line are most of the people having administrative assistant, even if it’s part time, I can

Kristina Kendig 32:03
speak to the Nazar’s main teams they have in house admin structure or need your help, but those that are really succeeding and doing well, they either have a VA or they have an assistant that’s helping them as well. And I know that we have some on here and looking at you, Carlos that are ready to take that step and get that help, whether it be a VA, or you know, a full time assistant that’s going to be helping them.

Lisa Doyle 32:29
Yeah, yeah, that’s that’s just I know, a lot of people are afraid to do that when they’re early on, you know, the fear of cost. But it’s such a profit center, even if it’s just part time, the only way you’re going to have systems that stay consistent, is if you have a structure in place to allow for it. So you know, lead generation, most of the agents do like their, their all of their businesses like this, because they don’t have a steady structure in order to maintain a consistent, but you can’t do it alone, you just can’t. So getting help to support you. And I know this our company is awesome with this with the support system is in place.

Unknown Speaker 33:02
Carlos had a question. Now on the virtual assistants. What do you really delegate to them? Like for him to help you? Like what is it that you really want to have them do? So you know, you could set up a process?

Lisa Doyle 33:18
We do we have one part time and our VA, you know, I am I like to have my administrative team in my office with me. Well, I know that Carlos, I know a lot of people have had a very successful VA with all of their systems, their their transaction, coordinating, their marketing, coordinating, and their listing coordinating, you can do all of that virtual, but I prefer to have the admin with me just because I want to be here. Some of our structures require in house but our our VA, what they do is all of the digital, like editing video, you know, cutting up video, posting video, all of the things that take time but don’t require a lot of necessarily in house, Nick, you know that this doesn’t require someone sitting next to you. Our VAs do a lot of messaging out to our databases. I let him do the research. Like for instance, she they just got through going through all of our database checking to see where everyone’s social medias, you know, connecting on socials, with the people that your, your passing sphere, you know, but you can have them do all tremendous projects, and they’re very affordable, significantly more affordable than someone who works with you.

Kristina Kendig 34:25
Yeah, and the same with us. We use those we’d like to have the hands on if the phone calls are being made by our in house people but we use them for you know, the paperwork, uploading transaction coordinating on the side that you know, doesn’t require a phone call social media editing. We have database management, just like you were saying but very affordable and there’s so many tasks that you can give and there if anybody is interested, you can reach out. I know we use some at VA and have three bas from there that were like they’re trained in real estate so very minimal hands on training, just getting them familiar with your systems and processes. But

Lisa Doyle 35:06
100% Yeah, no, virtual is a great way to have, like I said, we use it for just that one, you know, mainly the technology, piece of our business. But I think like I said, I have, I have agents that I know that are very effective. So I would say 100%, before you hire anyone, check into what the what the virtual assistants can offer you and delegate, but whatever we can do to delegate everything, you know, we as agents, you know, at least for me, I know, my my, my strength is definitely not detail work. It’s definitely not anything that has to do with contracts. Our you know, our most profitable time is spent face to face and our hunting down clients that we can serve. You know, so the lead generation has been as a way more profitable piece of it. Let me give you that text message. I apologize for having lost that for a second. So basically just says, Hi, It’s Lisa Doyle here. And I was just thinking about you today. If this is someone that you don’t know, you can say I was in the community today, like someone that you don’t know very well. I bet you’re a lot like I am. And you can you can say something I bet you’re a lot like me. And we’re watching the breaking news and thinking how is this affecting my home’s value? Because everything in the news has been doom and gloom. Things are crashing. Would you like me to put together an equity update on your home’s value so that you actually know the truth? So let me know hope to see you soon common Lisa. And I’ve just been texting, we just copy paste, copy, paste, copy, paste. Make sure obviously, that you change the first name because I did that the other the other night? Somebody interrupted me and I kept the previous name on there was like, Oh, no. But basically, I’ll read it to you again. So this is highly it’s Lisa Doyle here. And I was just thinking about you today. Or I for someone that’s just a lead. I was I just said I was in the neighborhood today. And I bet you guys are a lot like I am. And I bet you’re watching. What’s been the know the breaking news thinking how is this affecting my home’s value? And I was put a couple of little emojis in there, you know? Would you like me to put together an equity update on your home’s value just so that you would know the truth? Let me know. Talk to you soon, Lisa Doyle. But that’s been a powerful, powerful just way to get people communicating, you know better than Are you thinking of selling better than it’s just because people talking. And then after the banking after the banking situation. What a lot of people have been listening to it’s just the negative news. And so I just put on there with someone else’s. I know you’ve heard a lot about the news, the negative news. And you know what an update on your equity be helpful. So I would just say one of the things that we’re doing as a team is we’re doing our two hours a day, instead of making phone calls the entire two hours, we’re doing phone calls for an hour and about a half, and then 30 minutes of just massive texting. And we’re kind of like making it fun, when we have a race to see who can get the most text messages out. And then who gets the most level of responses back. But I swear to God and an hour and a half of phone calls, I get way more responses from 3030 minutes of texting than I have from anything else. So you know, incorporating that just because that’s how people that’s how people communicate today, you

Kristina Kendig 37:58
know, so I know with Boomtown that you were able to do the mass text, are you doing individual you’re just going through the individual and each person you’re texting individually not doing a mass text, correct?

Lisa Doyle 38:09
Yes. So this is this is more individual and this is used more for past clients and sphere, and hot leads than it is for necessarily because Boomtown is mostly buyers, I have to say texting works really well on Boomtown that system will allow you to do mass texts, that only challenges. You know, for us when you’re calling your past in your sphere. They’re not necessarily that’s not necessarily we don’t keep ours in boomtown. We just use Boomtown for buyers. You know, although I think people have said, I think the biggest challenge with a CRM is it doesn’t have all of the answers. We’ve found that one doesn’t give all the solutions. So we’ve had to use two. So we’re still we’re still kind of old school we use top producer for, for sellers, past client removed for past clients in our farms, and then Boomtown for buyers. Yeah, yeah. Good, Carlos. When you do like you say you’re doing an open house.

Unknown Speaker 39:01
Do you also do like the texting part and the calling and texting besides of course, the door knocking? What other areas do you guys use? Yeah, so

Lisa Doyle 39:09
that’s a good question, Carlos. Oh, I have one more, one more additional tool to give you for open houses. So yes, I think doing doing a slide out to invite your past clients to the open house doing emails to invite to the open house. There’s another after the open house. So my team and I what we do is when we first arrive, we record a little a little generic video and I’ll show you guys with a video basically says you’re going to do like a selfie video. And I always stand in the kitchen so that they can recognize the kitchen of the house I’m in because right after our open houses, we text out immediately a video to everyone that to tell them thank you for coming. Because I guarantee you every every person that comes into your open house, they probably attended maybe five other open houses and most Realtors don’t do this. So it’s a way for you to stand out. And what I love about doing a selfie video to all of your open house leads is Next time you text them, it comes up your your, your video face comes up, and they’re like, Oh, I remember her. So, have any of you’ve done that yet for your open house leads? Or you can do this with any lead actually did Christina do you do this video text? super powerful. And it’s basically I said that the the intention is that you’re gonna create a personalized video for every person. But I guarantee you sometimes you’re busy and you can’t do it. So what I do is when I first arrived with my open house, before anyone comes, I shoot a little generic one that just says, you know, hey, it’s Lisa Doyle. It was such a pleasure to meet you, at my house here at 123 Main Street, I’ll get back to you right away with information. If you have questions, anytime, give me a call, you know, to have a great day. So you do a generic one. That way, at the end of your open house, if you’re too busy to record individualized video, you’ve got something that you can forward out immediately. So I just sit in my car, copy text, copy tests, copy, copy, paste, and I send them out to everyone that’s come more powerful is to create individual video. So you know, Hey, John, and Sandy was such a pleasure to meet you. Make it personal for them, if you can, you know, we had a we had an open house this last Sunday, where we have almost 100 people there. Obviously you can’t do you can’t do individual has Have any of you tried, Christina, you’ve tried this live video text. So powerful, if any, any else have you tried that.

Kristina Kendig 41:18
I know that one of our agents, just because we’re a Zillow flex team, she just posted something about sending this video out like immediately after, you know, we coached to that, like do the video immediately after talking to him. But I just put in the chat. I absolutely love doing that video before it gets crazy. And then they don’t know that you know you did that. And genius I love.

Lisa Doyle 41:42
It’s so powerful. The very first time I ever did this, I had a lady call me and she’s like, Hey, are you the one that sent me that video? And I said yes, I am. She goes, I have some questions. I need your help, would you mind? It’s just it’s impactful. So everything that you do with your lead generation, you got to figure out how do I stand out, they’re going to talk to five or six other agents that day, you’ve got to do something to make yourself having signs that are 40, you know, 30, or 40, I’m sorry, 20 or 30, signs out having your video texts out having the follow up ahead of time during and after your open house. You want to just become relentless at this process. And lead generation the more you up your game, your business is going to you know, people have that potential ever quadruple, if you take this on at the highest level, you know. So any anyone questions? You guys talk to me anything else? I know it’s hard to talk about all the pieces of any topic in 45 minutes. But you know, how can I help?

Unknown Speaker 42:43
nominee that was a that was actually because I you know, I haven’t done that. I usually do videos, after things thanking people for coming in but not personalized like that. That’s a great idea. Because I do you do have your list. And that’s a good way to touch base with them. Now is this like right after you like you’re done with the open house, you start doing it right off the bat?

Lisa Doyle 43:02
Yeah, and even sometimes when the open houses are slow, we will send them out. Like if someone comes in, and you’ve got a little bit of peace of time record a personalized one, you can text it out within 30 minutes or what, 45 minutes or whatever. And I’ve had a lot of people text me back saying, oh my gosh, thank you so much. That was very kind of you. And it’s just when you call them back. So this is where it’s key. The follow up when you actually call them back, they remember you, hey, you know, this is Lisa Doyle. They’re always like, Oh, hey, so you’re not you’re not making that cold. They’ve talked to five people that day, you know, your response is gonna be so much more impactful. And what I would tell you is we use this for every lead, if you get a zillo lead, and you record a little video that just says, Hey, I just want to put a face to a name, you know, you reached out, I want to make sure I’m here to help. You know, any kind of any kind of process video and you should become a highly used follow up, you know, marketing, for messaging. past clients can get video, it’s like everyone, you guys should be utilizing video on a weekly basis. How are you guys doing with that? We can talk about that for a minute before we you know, as we’re talking about lead generation, how much how many of you’re using video and you’re like market updates or seller? past client conversations? Are you guys utilizing video at all? Like market updates are? So I would highly recommend encourage that. Yeah, I would say 5050

Kristina Kendig 44:19
You can see everybody’s like, Oh, I wonder raise my hand but I can’t. But yeah, I think that that’s so important. The other thing that I did have a quick question on when you’re doing with your past clients. So are you sending them videos are you doing like ever doing like a personalized like green screen maybe of their CMA or anything like that is if you so like, what’s the response that you’ve gotten?

Lisa Doyle 44:43
That’s a very good question. I don’t do CMAs with the video but we do. I love video. I think when when we were told 10 years ago to start incorporating video, we jumped right on it and I think that video can be a powerful source of your follow up. There’s another thing that we did with video now that we’re Talking a little bit video for all different things is I had, if you can interview clients on video and then I, we have like a I have a link that I send out to every listing appointment before I meet them. And it’s like five or six clients sharing just a short little clip of their experience with us. So the the little video clip just says, you know, another reason why you should work with us because, you know, here’s what clients are sharing. So, you know, engaging clients and I just asked him Hey, can I come over and talk to you and then I just asked him a few questions and videotape them while I’m you know, it’s super casual and this is what the VA can do for you to help you clip your video together. But to back with the to answer your question, Christina Yes, we love video I love to do market updates on video you know we email out to our databases usually three or four times a month updates on video. Another thing that you can utilize video for is what they say and I’ve had I’ve had this be consistent is some of the most widely watched video are interviews with other people. So when you’re interviewing someone else who’s an expert at something, so I’ve done a video interviewed with people that specialize in 1031 exchange with my mortgage lender, I interviewed all the principals of the schools in our area because people want to know about schools whatever you can do to interview people is powerful too. You know you’ll gain a lot from you know from the for some reason when you’re interviewing someone else more people watch that so i would i would highly encourage to incorporate that I interviewed my anyone that specializes in anything that they can share and you can incorporate that to your clients to

Kristina Kendig 46:32
and so much good information Lisa we want to be respectful of your time does our had a dip so I get to conclude if you would I’m my phone is blowing up people are requesting Booklist marketing pieces anything and everything that you would be willing to share with us we would love it absolutely so much so much good information. Thank you so so much for this

Lisa Doyle 46:56
Your welcome. I know that we had to go fast so if anyone has any questions, Nizar will give me my cell number to just call me I’m happy to help or share.

Kristina Kendig 47:03
Your the best follow Lisa. Follow on Instagram to if you’re if you’re not and I know I remember you from when we were with Boomtown seeing you at boomtown. So I was like, I know Lisa. So very fantastic. Like so much.

Lisa Doyle 47:16
You’re welcome. And let me tell you this, I know that I said hi. I know Nazar, I’ve been friends for a long time and he’s a good guy. He’s You guys are so lucky to be in his space. It’s awesome. Yeah.

Kristina Kendig 47:25
Okay. Yeah. I’m still getting blown up direct mailers, all of those things. So we’ll get all of that information to you guys. And we’ll send it on your way. You got it. We’ll stop. Lisa, thank you again. So thank you, guys. Have a great day.

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