5 Top Leads Pillars to Get New Real Estate Listings


Top 5 Lead Pillars to Get New Real Estate Listings

Nazar Kalayji [00:00:06]:
My name is Nazar and welcome to this week’s masterclass. Got Mickey in the house from Charleston, South Carolina. Beautiful town I’ve been to a couple times, had a crazy experience there. The very last time I was there, it flooded, which is not a normal or which is not an unnormal thing, and we had to, like, evacuate. It was a pretty interesting and fun experience, but otherwise, the city is beautiful and a lot of fun to visit. Okay, so let’s get started. Mickey, if you want to take over, remind us all of the topic that you’re talking about today.

Mikki Ramey [00:00:38]:
Okay. I’m going to talk about how to win more listings. I was supposed to come up with five ideas. I may actually have more.

Nazar Kalayji [00:00:46]:
You have more than five? Okay, yeah, that sounds awesome. So let’s get right to it. This is more of like, you and I can talk. Obviously, if people have questions or want to chime in, please do so. Use the chat feature. I will be monitoring that if you guys can mute yourselves if you aren’t talking so that we can get some good audio here. But Mickey, go ahead and take it away.

Mikki Ramey [00:01:08]:
Okay, great. First, can you hear me?

Nazar Kalayji [00:01:11]:
We can.

Mikki Ramey [00:01:12]:
Good. Okay. Okay, fantastic. So my name is Mickey Ramey. I am the broker in charge and owner of a small boutique company called Healthy Realty. I opened the doors to healthy realty in January of 2008. A genius time to start a real estate company. It was going down and falling apart, and that is when I started my real estate business.

Mikki Ramey [00:01:40]:
So that’s my experience and what I’m going to talk about today is getting more listings. And I am very passionate about getting listings. My team will tell you. Like, I wake up with ideas of how I’m going to market them beautifully and just get really excited about listings. So that’s what I’m going to talk about. Before I go into the reasons or the ways to get listings, the first thing I want to talk about is very foundational in real estate. It is a key to your success to find people’s names, emails, phone numbers, put them into your CRM and follow up with them over time. That is really the tiny secret to my success.

Mikki Ramey [00:02:24]:
Over the years, I collect names, emails, phone numbers through a variety of ways. And if those people are looking for a house to buy, I’m sending them listings. If they’re homeowners, I send them home valuation reports. I really could stop there. And if you guys just go out and figure out how to collect names, numbers, emails, and give people value about what real estate is like, if they’re looking for houses, help them with that. If they are owners of homes, tell them what their property is worth repeatedly, monthly. That really is the key to my success. So I’ll give you that little pro tip right there.

Mikki Ramey [00:03:06]:
But the first tip I want to talk about in a generating listing lead pillar is past clients. So I know people new in real estate can’t always relate to this one, but this really is my pinnacle of business, that I treat my buyer agent, my buyer clients wonderfully over the years. That’s all you have when you’re in the beginning. So if you feel like, oh, I’m always working with buyers, I’m so annoyed. Working with is I can’t handle it. Your buyers will become listings. So you absolutely need to love on them, stick with them over time, give them value. We do two client parties a year in Charleston.

Mikki Ramey [00:03:52]:
Oyster roasts are a big deal. So we invite our clients to that, our buyers as soon as they close their setup. We use homebot as a home valuation tool. That’s an automation, but everyone’s mls. Everybody can send their clients on a monthly basis through their MLS, active homes, under contract homes and closed homes for that year and set them up on a monthly alert and they’re finding out what’s going on in their neighborhood every month. And those people will be making your phone ring in two to three years. And sometimes actually Covid it was a little bit faster. Some people bought a house in 2020 that they were extremely unhappy with and we’re seeing those people a little bit faster.

Mikki Ramey [00:04:40]:
Some would sell in the right under two year mark, but anyway. So that’s the biggest part of my business is loving on our buyer clients for a long time and they become our listings in two to three years. All my agents on my team that are with me three years plus they do mainly buyers for the first three years. But that third year comes and they’re just seeing the production increase with listings because more people are coming. So that’s one. A great tip. My first one is ask clients that are buyers loving on them, send them monthly home valuation report. Automate it, don’t do it individually because that’s all the time you’ll have.

Mikki Ramey [00:05:28]:
You’ll eat up your and the second tip that I have is everybody that you work with, showing houses, reviewing, doing equity reviews, whatever, get them to write a Google review for you, a Zillow review for you and a Realtor.com review for you. Have everyone that you have ever connected with write a review. You don’t have to have closed a property with someone I mean, Zillow is a little picky about that, but you have to get reviews. I got two come list me calls this morning, you guys, from people looking at my Zillow reviews, my Google reviews are a little bit lower. I’m trying to get those up, but I’ve done reviews for years. If you really focus on it, and our new agents, we try to get them and we encourage them to have ten reviews within the first month of them working with us, because reviews will, people will see you online. You can take your reviews that you get and you can create social media posts from your reviews. So they are so helpful to get listing leads.

Mikki Ramey [00:06:42]:
So reviews. And again, real estate is a long game. I didn’t have a ton of listings from past clients when I first started. I didn’t have a lot of come list me calls from reviews when I first started. But now every closing I have or every high moment that I have in real estate, I ask for review. I also try to encourage people a little bit with it. I tell them that if they will do three reviews for me, I send them an Amazon gift card. So that’s just a way that I can say thank you.

Mikki Ramey [00:07:18]:
And most people like Amazon and use, so that’s what I do. I encourage them. And for them taking their time to review me, I want to give them a gift just as a thank you. So that’s something that you can do. You can create an email with links for all three sites for Google, Zillow and realtor.com, and you can send it out in your CRM and it can just be a template that you have for review. So make it really easy on yourself. Try to automate processes as much as you can. But reviews are huge.

Mikki Ramey [00:07:54]:
I can’t say how important they are, especially right now. It’s like I’ll just equate reviews to the gym. Let’s say you’re going to the gym and you want to lose ten pounds. Will you go to the gym for the first week? The first two weeks, nothing happens. You gain two pounds. Maybe you’re like, jeez, nothing is happening here. But months down the road that you have done this small, consistent activity of working out, you start to see results. It’s the same thing with reviews.

Mikki Ramey [00:08:24]:
If you do the small, consistent activity of getting reviews, you are going to see results and you’re going to get the added bonus of having content for your social media, which is great. So reviews. All right, the next one is, number three is I have a different take on the seller seminar. So I know the Tom Ferry ecosystem. I love Maureen. I’m blanking on her last name right now, but she is wonderful with solar seminars. And Jay, those guys in the Tom Berry ecosystem do that. I started my company, healthy realty, working with healthcare professionals.

Mikki Ramey [00:09:05]:
So what I do, I’m actually organizing one for the end of the month, is I will invite people at our medical school. So I’ll find out who the fourth year medical school president is. I will find out chief medical residents in the residency department, and I will work out a dinner in downtown Charleston and say, we are going to have me and a loan officer and a financial planner talk to you about reducing your student loan debt. And I’m going to talk about real estate. If any of you are homeowners, I am going to talk to you about how to prep your home for sale. If you’re not, and if you’re buying something, I’ll take a few minutes and talk about how to buy a short term ownership house. Because a lot of these people, they’re in medical training. Medical school is four years residency or three to five, so they need to know about short term ownership in their specific area.

Mikki Ramey [00:10:11]:
So I’ll find the key people and then I’ll split the expenses. Or sometimes if I organize it, the guys will pay for it. My loan officer, partner and the financial planner will pay for it because I organized it. But you can look at, if you have a local medical school, you can find people on the medical school website, Instagram. If you search residencies on Instagram, you can find people through Instagram. So I find some people that way. But I get more specific about the people that I’m inviting to this seller seminar. And also we really have it.

Mikki Ramey [00:10:53]:
It’s a financial planning seminar is what we call it, because we talk about managing student loan debt and we talk about how to sell your home and different loan options that are offered for physicians. So that is the more specific seller seminar that I do, and it’s a really great one. We get good attendance, and I’ve gotten probably anywhere from. I’ll get eight to ten listings from doing seminars like that over the years. My highest that I had from doing that business plan. Over the years, I did 28 deals one year from doing that. So it kind of got messed up post Covid. Like, the whole structure changed.

Mikki Ramey [00:11:45]:
I’m with you all. I’m actually trying to rework that whole situation that I used to have down to an art Covid changed it because I couldn’t go and meet with people in person. So now I have to do things remotely to meet with people to invite. So anyway, so that’s that. So, seller seminar. I do seller seminars for the medical population in my area, and that really can be converted to anybody that is valuable to you. If you have a spouse’s profession that you’re like, oh, I’m married to a person that’s an engineer. Maybe I’ll do this talk for his company or anything.

Mikki Ramey [00:12:27]:
Nursing different types of jobs. You can really work with that people group. I have an agent in my company that does this for military people. That’s another great group that really Zoom has helped a lot that you can serve a lot of people in a seller seminar fashion with the military. So seller seminars. I do medical. Go ahead real quick.

Nazar Kalayji [00:12:58]:
So if you’re in a seller seminar, I know that our team is preparing to do one right now. Can you tell me from the experience you’ve had, how many have you done in the last ten years or so?

Mikki Ramey [00:13:11]:
Yeah, that’s a great point. I will do usually two this year it’ll be two, but I like to do two to three a year. So I like to have one in January, which we’ve already passed, and February, which we’re doing one coming up, and then I do another one in March. And the reason being is different people can attend at different times. We all have stuff going on, but y’all know that this is the prep for listing season. In January and February and March. Everybody’s thinking about selling their house when the spring market is coming. And it’s good in Charleston, it’s warm, so we have an early spring market.

Mikki Ramey [00:13:54]:
We get a lot of listings. March, April, May. Some people, I think where it snows, you’re probably a little bit delayed on what your rollout season is for popular listings. But I really try to get with people before they have chosen an agent, which is January, February, March.

Nazar Kalayji [00:14:13]:
So when you do a seller seminar, it seems like you’ve done at least a reasonable amount, probably 30, I mean.

Mikki Ramey [00:14:20]:
If three a year.

Nazar Kalayji [00:14:22]:
So how many people are showing up to this? And then from that, have you looked at your numbers tracking as far as, are you expecting 30 people and then only ten show up? And then if you get ten people to come out of that, can you expect one, two, three to turn into a listing? Tell us your numbers.

Mikki Ramey [00:14:44]:
Perfect question. That has changed. So I used to be able to do this at a site at the medical school. Attendance was great. I would get 30, 40 people in attendance. Now I have to go off site post Covid just because they didn’t want to have people come in anymore. So now I have to go off site. So attendance is lower now.

Mikki Ramey [00:15:08]:
So we’ll get ten to 15 people where before I would get 30 to 40 people. So in those higher numbers, I would have maybe eight to ten great leads from that. And they’re not just leads for listings, they’re leads for referrals. I love referrals. The best money in real estate comes from referrals. You do a 15 to 30 minutes process and you get paid thousands of dollars for it. But it is. It’s changed a lot.

Nazar Kalayji [00:15:43]:
So if you get 15 people at one now, how many transactions does that take place or complete?

Mikki Ramey [00:15:54]:
That will equal two to three transactions, which is still a pretty good RoI.

Nazar Kalayji [00:16:01]:
It’s not still. It’s fantastic. You’re doing one seminar, you’re getting ten or twelve people to show, and then one to two, three transactions that come from it. Is that correct?

Mikki Ramey [00:16:11]:
Yes, but it’s not just that. So people come to the seminar and then it is follow up. You follow up after that. And sometimes I’ll tell you, too, I’ve been able to track it for years now. Sometimes the follow up is not the year I do the seminar. I’ve had people that have come to my seminars. I’ve been in the business going on my 18th year. So people that came to my seminars will come back to Charleston after they’re done with their training and buy a house with me or sell a house with me, buy investment properties with me, Mickey.

Nazar Kalayji [00:16:44]:
So if we were to take that and apply it to. That’s a very niche market, right? Apply that to just in general market. Let’s say we do a seller seminar and we get ten people to show up out of those ten. I mean, I would imagine that if someone’s coming out of the way to come to an office, to wherever you’re going to hold this thing, that they have at least some level of interest. Tell me, what is your process or thought process of the follow up? Because I bet you that’s where the money is, right? It isn’t. At the seminar, they’re like, okay, I’m ready to buy or I’m ready to sell. But it’s more of like, you made that connection with them. You became like the knowledge broker if you are agent.

Nazar Kalayji [00:17:26]:
And now tell me about your follow up process with those individuals.

Mikki Ramey [00:17:30]:
So we use follow up boss for our CRM. So all of those people go into follow up boss name, email, and if they are homeowners, they have an address, they will as soon as they come to that, they get a home valuation report. So they’ll start getting. If they’re homeowners, they’ll get the homebot monthly home valuation report, and then they will get me calling and saying, so I’ve looked at your property, and it looks like this. I give a range. So it looks like your property is valued anywhere from $450 to $500,000. Do you think that’s appropriate? I’d really like to get a better idea. May I come over and meet with you next week to see if I can really hone in on a better.

Nazar Kalayji [00:18:17]:
Valuation for your house, and then if you get ghosted. So how often are you following up with them?

Mikki Ramey [00:18:25]:
So I follow up monthly.

Nazar Kalayji [00:18:27]:
Okay. And then it’s a phone call, email, all of the above.

Mikki Ramey [00:18:31]:
It varies. So it’ll be a phone call first, but then sometimes text and email are pretty sufficient based on our relationship and the content.

Nazar Kalayji [00:18:40]:
And then aside from the seller thing that you do with the medical school students, have you tried that just in a normal farm in your neighborhood or in the area, and then have you had a better response? Not as good. Or has it?

Mikki Ramey [00:18:59]:
That is a great idea. That is something my coach has encouraged me to do. So those of y’all in Tom Ferry, Jeff Mays is my coach, and he’s on me about. I need to. There’s been a lot of transactions in my neighborhood. I just moved to a new neighborhood about a year and a half ago, and there have been things selling in here, and we sold one of them, but not all. So I would love to do that for my neighbors. One, it’s fun, and two, you can get business from it.

Nazar Kalayji [00:19:32]:
Okay, awesome.

Mikki Ramey [00:19:35]:
So that’s it. Seller seminar. It can be as niche as you want it to be. So I love the medical niche. My husband’s a doctor, and we got married two weeks after he graduated from medical or before he went to medical school. So I’ve been married with him as a student, all that. So it was just my life. If you can figure out what’s your life and what you know better than anybody else, that’s the group of people you need to work.

Nazar Kalayji [00:20:04]:
Yeah, I know there’s lots of people in here that are married to first responders, and obviously that’s an easy way to be able to get. And those types of groups are very tight knit. Right. So if you’re cops, firefighters, whatever, that is connecting with being either a spouse of or that helps you be able to make those connections because you speak their language. Right. You’re part of that culture in that group.

Mikki Ramey [00:20:27]:
Yeah. And I can take that idea and push it out to I own investment property. Maybe you want to buy an investment property so you can get in a homeowners association and then invite the homeowners and the homeowners association to sell our seminar. I have a couple of my agents that are doing that, that are part of neighborhood groups and they’re going to start seller seminars in their neighborhood. Own, make it your own. Okay. And then my next one is just get one listing of the ways we’ve talked about. Get one listing and work the heck out of that listing to get you more listings.

Mikki Ramey [00:21:10]:
So when you get the one listing, you are going to put it on social media. We have a special listing launch. We’ll do photos of our house and then I’ll post on social media. Hey, I’m meeting with a photographer. Where do you all think I’m meeting with a photographer and that kind of thing? Just really get engagement. From the time that you get that listing agreement signed, I’m meeting with a photographer at a new listing. Then we’re holding open houses. Our agents doorknock before open houses, inviting neighbors to the open houses because we do open houses to meet the neighbors.

Mikki Ramey [00:21:52]:
Because oftentimes if a neighbor comes to your open house, that neighbor is also thinking about list. So we’ll do that. We talk to our clients and see if they have friends or family members that want to come to our open house or if they know of anybody that might like to see what their house in the neighborhood is like compared to this new house. I just got a listing under contract yesterday and my client said, hey, one of my neighbors is also thinking about selling. I said, well, oh, my gosh, please give him my name. I would love to talk to him. So whenever I get one listing, it can generate into more if I use it on social media, if I use open houses, if I try to tell every single outlet that I know about the one listing, the sign itself in the yard helps get more list.

Nazar Kalayji [00:22:52]:
I think what I would add to that is that you don’t have to wait to get a listing to do those things. You can ask an agent that has a listing if you could, with their permission, market their property, do the open house, do the social media marketing, giving that person credit, but showcasing that particular listing. And at the end of the day, even if you get nobody that’s willing to let you do that, you got new construction in your neighborhood. Those new construction people are going to love you to market the property and so don’t use, oh, I don’t have a listing as a way to be able to use as an excuse not to go out and actually do those things that would potentially produce more opportunities for you.

Mikki Ramey [00:23:32]:
You give me ideas as you’re talking. I love it. I love it. Okay. One, this is a newer program that I just started working with. So Tom Ferry recommended a site called Zudelia. I don’t know if you guys use it or know about it. It’s very weird name.

Mikki Ramey [00:23:50]:
So I’m going to spell it. It’s Z-O-O-D-E-A-L-I-O. Zelia. And this is a site that offers cash offers for clients. So if you can post on social media, find these people that have been thinking about selling, but maybe you’ve got a buyer and they have a home to sell, but they don’t want to go through all the work of showings, that sort of thing. You can say, well, I have a cash offer program and I’m sure people in your area, everybody offers cash offer programs. There’s some big agent in your area that has bill wards that says we Offer, we’ll buy homes for cash. That’s everywhere.

Mikki Ramey [00:24:42]:
But you can actually do this if that terrifies you, like it did me when I was a new agent. I was like, oh my gosh, I can’t buy anybody’s house for cash. That is a really scary situation. You input the person’s information into Zudelio. You can also do this with Opendoor. Opendoor offers, a similar program and they will give three to four cash offers. They usually come in maybe 15. They’re not usually awful.

Mikki Ramey [00:25:14]:
10% to 15% off what might be a fair market value, cash, no showings, easy peasy for less money. And so if I get a phone call with somebody and they’re giving me a hard time about, oh, I don’t want to list, I don’t want to come over, I’ll say, well, have you thought about getting a cash offer on your home? We have a great cash offer program with our company and people always say, well, tell me more about it. And it is great at getting a listing appointment. This is for these people. Maybe you’ve been buying list mojo doing something like that and you get somebody who owns a home, but they absolutely don’t want to go through the pain of showings. You can just offer a cash offer. I have one person out of, I started it a couple of months ago. So I think I’ve been with them about four months, but I’ve had one person to close on such a deal.

Mikki Ramey [00:26:15]:
But I’ve gotten a lot of listing appointments and meetings through the offer of a cash offer. I’ll give you a cash offer and then when I go in listing appointment, I’ll come and I’ll say, well, here’s your cash offer. And I’ll say, if I were to list it in a fair market value, here’s what it’s going to look like. Here’s what I’ll do. I am happy as the day is long. If you choose cash or if you choose to list with me, let me know what works for you. But it’s going to be inconvenient a little, but I’m going to help as much as I can with the listing traditional route, but I’m going to get you more money. If you want to go with the Zudelio open door offer, you’re going to get less money, but it’s super convenient.

Mikki Ramey [00:27:01]:
So I’m a big believer now in the cash offer program. I used to think that was crazy, but it’s a great way to get listing appointments.

Nazar Kalayji [00:27:09]:
Mickey, two questions. One, how are you marketing that? Two, from, let’s say, if the average, the home in the open market would sell for $500,000, what is Dudelio offering them?

Mikki Ramey [00:27:22]:
So it ranges a lot. I’ll see things. It’ll be 10% to 15% off if your market value.

Nazar Kalayji [00:27:31]:
And then how is their commission compensation work with you and who else is paying, what are the fees is the homeowner paying aside from just accepting this lower offer?

Mikki Ramey [00:27:42]:
So in that 10% to 15% discount, there is a commission included in that. And it ranges. So I can’t really tell you specifically what you’re going to see with different program, but you will get a roughly two and a half percent on average commission, which is great. And then some of the programs that they offer will allow you to relist the property after they buy it. So it’s a great opportunity. I haven’t gotten on the relisting side yet. I’ve just done one. We’ve got one right now where a lady, we’re under contract on one, too, so she’s about to close.

Mikki Ramey [00:28:22]:
And that one’s going to be a relisting opportunity. So it really is just making a connection.

Nazar Kalayji [00:28:28]:
Okay, awesome. And then do you know how many appointments you’ve gone on and from that, how many turn into transactions with Zudilio and how many have turned into listing opportunities for yourself?

Mikki Ramey [00:28:39]:
So I don’t have that number, but I can tell you it creates really good conversations and that know what I’m about is trying to get the appointment. I don’t have that tracked, but I’m going to. Now that you said that, I’ll go back and look, I’ll let you know.

Nazar Kalayji [00:29:00]:
I know that there’s plenty of agents, and it’s not just agents, but people have done this for years. This is nothing new. 30 years, it’s the same. Getting a yellow sign that says, pay cash for your home with your phone number, and you put them just kind of around town, and you get phone calls, and those are literally listing leads. And I’ve done plenty of those before, where people go there and you say, hey, this is the offer. And if you want to be patient and wait, then we can put on the open market and see what happens. But either way, some people just want that sale, and we want to be done, and there’s an opportunity for you to be able to connect with them. So it’s resounding to me that when we have these types of master classes, and it’s not like you said anything that was massively profound.

Nazar Kalayji [00:29:41]:
Right. But it’s a matter of saying, oh, shoot, I should be freaking doing that. Or, oh, yeah, I’m dropping the ball in this, and I could do a better job of making this connection.

Mikki Ramey [00:29:50]:
Yes. Or you’re like, me, and you were like, oh, my gosh, that is so cheesy. That is so like, oh, why would somebody offer cash? That just sounds so cheap. I like to sell luxury homes, I’ll tell you. So I was like, oh, I want to have a luxury vibe and cash offers. That sounds like I’m a used car salesman. I love it. It just creates opportunity.

Mikki Ramey [00:30:16]:
And some people, I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older that especially for some of these situations, some people are okay with less money and convenience. Like, life is short. Less money and convenience is an okay decision.

Nazar Kalayji [00:30:34]:

Mikki Ramey [00:30:36]:
Yes. Okay, cash offers. Okay. And then I will talk about. I do Internet leads. Also, you guys may know up nest, I just got an email. They’re changing their name. Up nestbyrealtor.com, those are listing leads.

Mikki Ramey [00:30:54]:
I think they’re changing to real something. That was yesterday I got the email, but up nestbyrealtor.com, they offer listing leads, and there is a referral fee that you pay for that. And we do a good bit of sales from upness. Those are some great conversations. And homelight is another listing lead source. And homelight, you have to offer a little bit of a reduced commission on the listing side, but I will take reduced commissions on the listing side. And anytime I take a reduced commission, I’m going to work my tail off to get another lead from that listing. It’s like, I’ll do it, but I know, game on.

Mikki Ramey [00:31:36]:
If I’m taking a reduced commission, I’m getting more business out of that. So that’s the way I look at reduced listing commission. At clever. That one’s lower. It’s like a one and a half percent on the listing side. But clever is also a listing lead site. We’ve done some nice million dollar properties off clever and I’ve used it to generate more business. So again, I don’t mind that.

Nazar Kalayji [00:32:00]:
And how do you spell clever?

Mikki Ramey [00:32:03]:
C-L-E-V-E-R. Yeah, so some of these are, there are some weird spellings out there, but this one’s cleber and homelight is homelight and up nest is up. N-E-S-T. All of those are good listing leads. If you want to just do Internet leads, those are good conversation starters to get those leads. And then you put into play the other things we talked about. If you get some of those online leads, maybe it doesn’t work out this time, but maybe we’re entering a market where people get annoyed with realtor number one, you guys, I’m here to say the sad news, they will get annoyed with realtor number one. And sometimes you want to be realtor number two, so that happens.

Mikki Ramey [00:32:55]:
Another bonus one that I had while Nazar was talking. We are starting to target flippers and builders in our area and asking them if we can do open houses in the homes that they are flipping or building if they don’t have a realtor they’re already working with. So that’s kind of our go to. If you ever have anybody that you see is a builder and you can look in your mls or we can look in our MLS for limited service listings. And so some builders that don’t have a side agent, the smaller ones you can offer to hold open houses. We offered another bonus as we offer to hold open houses for sale by owners also. That’s an easy call to get a listing lead as you call for sale by owners and offer, hey, I don’t know if you are holding your house open this weekend. I would love to hold an open house for you this weekend or for sale by owner.

Mikki Ramey [00:33:59]:
All their phone numbers are right there. It’s so easy to connect. I have an agent that did two closings and she’s a talker. So everybody’s her best friend. So she’s great with this boat. She’ll just love on them and get those listings really easily. Those are all the things that I have, and I love real estate. I am just a little bit obsessed with stats and real estate.

Mikki Ramey [00:34:31]:
I’m always happy to answer questions. My Instagram is. I would love for you all to follow me or message me about anything. After this, I’m moving with mickey is my Instagram handle. It’s M-O-V-I-N-G with W-I-T-H. Mickey is mikki. My name’s up there next to my face right now, but that’s it. I would love to take questions if anybody has questions about anything.

Nazar Kalayji [00:35:04]:
So what is your number one lead source when it comes to listings?

Mikki Ramey [00:35:07]:
Right now, it’s past clients and reviews. My first two that I did, I am starting to get a lot of just come list me calls from reviews, and I love that. I literally got two this morning, and that doesn’t happen all the time, but I’m very thankful.

Nazar Kalayji [00:35:28]:
Okay. And then is there anything specific you’re doing or special that’s out of the box with your past clients to be top of mind so that they do think of you when it comes to.

Mikki Ramey [00:35:39]:
Selling their home, just home valuation reports, I’m kind of a real estate nerd. I think the client parties are good. That’s not really where I shine. I shine when I talk to people about what their home is worth and how it’s changed over the years. And do you want me to drop by and tell you any remodel ideas? If you’re thinking of remodeling and that sort of thing? I’d much rather do that than client parties. But that’s how I stay in touch with people. I just ask them, how’s the home? Do you need a list of contractors? Are you thinking about remodeling? Could I be of help with that?

Nazar Kalayji [00:36:18]:
Awesome. And then, mickey, someone had asked in the question bar, when you’re giving out a gift card for the three reviews, what is that denomination?

Mikki Ramey [00:36:27]:
I do $50.

Nazar Kalayji [00:36:29]:
Okay, awesome.

Mikki Ramey [00:36:32]:
You could probably do less. People are very happy to.

Nazar Kalayji [00:36:38]:
I don’t drink coffee, but I remember back in the day, a $5 gift card. Starbucks would buy someone a coffee, but apparently that’s not enough anymore.

Mikki Ramey [00:36:46]:
Need to up it to ten for Starbucks, I think.

Nazar Kalayji [00:36:49]:
Crazy. Just bananas. Well, Mickey, thank you so much for preparing and putting a lot of stuff together. I hope that you guys feel motivated and at least excited about implementing one of these ideas that she shared with you guys today. I mean, I really do think that either using a platform like Zodilio or getting your own freaking little signs that say, we pay home all cash. I promise you that anybody, any person that has a little bit of money, if you show them, if you tell them, hey, I’ve got a home that you can buy 15% off market, they will absolutely buy that home. Right? So don’t think I don’t know anybody that’s got the cash to be able to buy a home. There’s investors out there all over the place that will more than happily buy that home.

Nazar Kalayji [00:37:32]:
If you bring a homeowner a cash offer, 15% under market value, and they’re willing to take it because they just want to be done, you’ll find an investor that’s going to buy that property. So don’t let stop you.

Mikki Ramey [00:37:44]:
Can I give one more tip?

Nazar Kalayji [00:37:46]:
Yeah, please.

Mikki Ramey [00:37:47]:
Almost forgot about my favorite one. So if you can go on a listing appointment and you can figure out what the person wants to sell the house for before you give your number and you feel like, oh, wow, that’s a good number, please offer to buy the house yourself. We are giving everybody advice. Oh, you should buy a house now. You should buy a house now. Sometimes as realtors, we are not able to take our own advice. I love, I’ve bought two properties that were going to be my listings, but I thought you’re going to sell it for what? I’ll buy that. So always see if your listing appointment can be an opportunity for you to buy an investment property.

Nazar Kalayji [00:38:36]:
Absolutely. Great advice. Great way. I mean, you might lose that one listing, but you’re going to get something that’s going to pay off dividends in the future. So thank you so much, Mickey, for your time. And again, you guys, thank you so much for being here present. And all of our past master classes are on our website that you can go to, and they’re all archived on there that you can either listen to. This also becomes a podcast that you can watch or listen to when you have an opportunity, and then it’s also obviously on reels and so forth.

Nazar Kalayji [00:39:05]:
So anyway, thank you so much for your time. You guys have an amazing time. Susan, the website is just fiverealty.com, and I believe it’s under masterclasses. You can go on there and then all of them archived on there, or you can go to YouTube and find it there as well. All right, you guys have an awesome day. Talk to you guys later. Bye.


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