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Real Estate Video Marketing

Do you have questions on how to effectively use video in your real estate marketing?  Keri White is a Los Angeles native and has been selling Real Estate for 18 years. Keri has a deep passion for team building, planning weekly meetups, social gatherings with other real estate agents, and she understands the strength that comes from collaborating as a united team. Keri shares her knowledge, experiences, and specifically discusses social media real estate video marketing in depth. She gives tips and tricks on how to stay current with video marketing and SOP’s on how and when to shoot content.

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Ryan McMillian 0:00
Good morning, everybody. Thank you so much for hopping on the call this morning. So we have a very special guest today. We have Keri White with us who is actually a good friend of ours and a good friend of RMG as well. I’ve known her for quite a while she has been doing real estate for over 20 years. She does head up the office and element Los Angeles. Just recently out there in Santa Monica, they opened up a space there and she is heading that up and a partner. She’s been doing video and social media for God knows how long and she kills it and crushes it. If there’s someone that you’d like to emulate in this business, it’s definitely Carrie. So warm welcome to Carrie white. Thank you for joining us today and take it away.

Keri White 0:41
Wow, that was very sweet. That was very sweet. Welcome. Yes, a good friend of RMG. And really thrilled to be speaking to everybody today. I know that the market is up and down. It’s a roller coaster. But I don’t know being in real estate for so many years. I feel like when is it not a roller coaster? Right? That’s kind of what we’re used to. It’s what we’re built for. I know Robert had said that a few years ago, with maybe it was COVID. Maybe we were at one of our houses. And he’s like, you know, that’s that’s what we’re trained to do as real estate agents. We pivot all day long with what you know, our client’s schedules or the trajectory of the transaction or the listing like what’s up? Nick Gee, okay. With them, we just we’ve known to pivot that’s like what we’re built for, you know, Gary Keller’s book Shift. I think what was that during the housing, recession, but we you know, as agents, that’s what we learned to do. So no matter what’s happening with any shifts in the market, like we know, we just suggest if this isn’t working, if sales are down, if listings are down if buyers aren’t getting under contract, whatever it is, we we know, we strategize and create a game plan right away. So I know that a lot of these, you know, these zooms and the masterclass that you guys do is really talking about what agents are struggling with. And inside tips to make sure everyone thrives in this market. Because all I know is money is being exchanged right now. People are buying and people are selling. So who’s the one that’s handling those transactions?

Ryan McMillian 2:26
So can you maybe talk a little bit about I know that you do video constantly, and maybe talk a little bit about what you’re putting out content-wise, and you know, how people can stay relevant maybe with kind of what’s going on in the current market right now?

Keri White 2:41
Perfect. And then something I was just thinking of, I know when I watched these, whether live or we are on a recording back, sometimes I don’t know who the person is. So just so you all know, I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I have been working in real estate for almost 20 years. I work on the west side of Los Angeles with buyers and sellers and have done almost everything and anything. When it comes to real estate. I’ve done cold calls, I’ve done door knocking I’ve done meetup events, I’ve done notices of default, I’ve done calling dead people, open house strategies. So so many things online leads, just you name it. I even got leads from Tinder back when I was single. But basically, literally everything in anything outside of divorce attorneys or business to business, I guess I would say I’ve done. I’ve worked on several teams prior to creating my own team in 2013, which was a huge leap of faith. And just kudos to everybody in real estate, because you wake up every day essentially unemployed, right? And your client who becomes your past client doesn’t mean they’re still your client, you have to earn everybody’s business every single day by constantly providing value and your professionalism. And as the market shifts, I think more than ever, we need to be professional and we need to give them the information.

Ryan McMillian 4:11
Maybe talk a little bit about how you create video and how you stay relevant and maybe kind of the content that you’re focusing on right now with the current market status?

Keri White 4:29
Yeah, that’s a great question. So the truth, I guess, is what we’re focusing on. The name of the game with any business and any aspect of your business is really consistency. Whatever you do, if you do it over and over again, if you do it at a high level, it’s going to work and sometimes it takes a lot longer than you think it should or that you want it to. But the moment that you start to doubt yourself or give up is really the Turning Points. That’s something that’s really helped me knowing that when it’s really tough, it’s supposed to be tough. And this is where you really need to push through. And a lot of people give up at those moments. So with video, it has remained the easiest way to stay in front of people. And there’s so much false information out there. And there’s also the realtors, real estate agents take on it. And a lot of times, their take is not relevant or not important. You know, there’s a stat recently that 35% of agents are doing more business, but an equal amount are doing the same, and 25% are doing less. So you’ve got 60 to 70 65% of real estate agents out there that if you ask them, how’s the market? How are they going to respond, they’re not feeling great about the market. But that’s not because of the market, it’s because of their performance. And people’s opinions can really persuade how you know how many people have taken a parent or a fiance or something to an inspection or to a property that they want to buy. And then all of a sudden, this house, they were gung ho on wanting to write an offer on, they’re no longer writing, they have all these other opinions. And a lot of times that person maybe isn’t a homeowner, or maybe they’ve had their house so long, they don’t understand what current values are, you know, they’re from a city where they think everything here is very expensive. So your influence your outside influence on who you are, is, is really important. So we always have to be careful, like Darren Hardy says those craps, you know, pulling you down, you just have to remember when you come out, say your group of friends, like, Hey, guys, I’m going to do whatever it is, I’m going to buy a property or I’m going to invest in this business. If you’re around people that have a negative outlook, they’re not going to acknowledge or support you and what you want to do. And you’re going to tell you why you can’t do it, why you’re not good enough. Hopefully, your parents didn’t do that to you. But I’d say 70 to 80% of us did have parents did that. What I’m learning being older. Luckily, I have amazing parents. They did many other things to mess me up. But it’s all good. Keeping with the video marketing, we tried to make sure that we’re giving the truth. And sure we give our insight but we’re constantly trying to put what’s really happening out there and letting people know that they need to do their research, they need to understand what’s going on. So the market took its first dip in a little while. But what does that mean? Does that mean inventory? plunged in? No? What does that mean for rates? What does that really mean? Long-term, so constantly reminding people of what the headlines are, what the information is, and just rinse and repeat. You know, the hardest thing to do video, it’s challenging to keep doing video, it’s a pain in the butt, you have to like, deal with all your ego stuff, and what do I look like and then the content and etc. But just getting out of your own way and being committed to the consumer and getting the information to them is what trumps any kind of insecurity or lack of wanting to do video constantly. You just know it is something that works and consistency is really the key to the breakthroughs that you need.

Ryan McMillian 8:08
Right? Yeah, I mean, we it anybody that’s in coaching or Tom Ferry or anything, I mean, they’ve been preaching video video video for I don’t know, how long now, right? And it’s something that if you’re not doing it, you’re supposed to be doing it. Let’s just say that. And so I know you’ve been doing it for quite a while.  I know that you got an amazing following online and you’ve gotten amazing responses with your Keri TV and all of the things that you’ve been doing with video.  Do you have a timeline as to when you started to get clients from just video online? And maybe speak to that a little bit?

Keri White 8:45
Yeah, good question. We started doing social on a more serious level in 2013. That was when we did the photoshoot with the lifestyle photos and started curating our feeds, which became updated pretty quickly. I’d say by 2018 2019 everybody was like, we don’t want to see this anymore. But at the time, it was you know, so glamorous, and it was it really sets you apart to make people want to follow you to portray that lifestyle of whatever it is luxury real estate, Los Angeles. But we started doing video in 2018. Yes. Was that a Tom Ferry Summit? And he goes, Hey, do you guys want to know my video plan? I do this list of things I you know, shoot for. Still remember, it shoots four to five videos one day a month. Then cut it up into these little segments. You have the video for YouTube. Then you have the reels for Instagram and you post it you do an E blast Tuesday at 8am. And then you post two little snippets plus a quote card and then you do that again on Thursday and call it back to the previous one and then preview for the next week. And then you rip the audio and you put it on it. So anyways, there was this whole SOP for it. And they said you know what? Why can’t I do this? So we put it into place and it was a big pain in the butt. But I said, no matter what happens, I will do this for a year I will deliver a video every single week, even if it takes everything out of me. I don’t care I will put a video out there every week. And the first curious videos is pretty ridiculous. It was like terrible music, terrible graphics. It’s windy, we just like standing there with my assistant at the time. And she’s just like, ‘go’, I think you can even hear her say ‘go’ in the video. Prior to that we did videos here and there, but never really at a consistent level. But from that point forward, year over year, and that was during the wedding year and all this all the crazy times of travel and whatnot with 2019. But it was around six months to nine months in, people started to reach out from those videos like hey, I’ve seen you online or hey, I’ve been following you or I was referred to you and I started seeing your videos and your content is really helpful. We’re looking to move XYZ, you know, there’s not a complete ROI on your impact on social media or video, to be honest, because you can’t track everything. It’s a presence. It’s like farming a neighborhood, when you’re doing Google ads and postcards and open houses, sometimes you just get a call that’s like, hey, I need some help, because they’ve seen you everywhere. You know, a lot of people think you post things on social media, and then you immediately get referrals or get people wanting to reach out. And it’s not bad. It’s like a billboard, it’s 24/7 billboard where people can research you see who you are, see how you operate. And you know, people work with ones that they know, like and trust. So if they’re seeing you online, they’re going to feel familiar to they’re going to feel like you’re familiar when they show up to see you at any appointment or that or the house. And so it takes away this whole lead level of trying to sell people that you meet now because they’re already sold on you before they meet you.

Ryan McMillian 11:55
Right. Right. And that’s, that’s some of the biggest things I’ve heard from people that have been doing video for a long time, you know, when you get in the room for the appointment, they’re already ready to work with you. It’s just kind of like the formalities at that point. And that’s probably the most amazing thing, right. And I know that that comes with consistency and hard work. And you’ve been doing that for years. And so it’s really cool to see that it can pay off.

Keri White 12:16
Yeah, and speaking to the, the timeframe of it, we pivoted from doing long-form videos every week to doing shorter reels. So we’re still doing the same format where we shoot once a month for all the content but we’re taking videos chopping them up and probably really only doing one real carry TV a month, which is a market update that we do local service ads on. But you know, it’s constantly knowing what do we do next with this because what’s working for you and what’s creating the success that you have now is constantly changing, which is such a pain in the butt. But it is something that you know, we have to understand it’s you know, it’s all part of the journey.

Ryan McMillian 13:00
Yeah, totally. And it is changing it’s tough to keep up I mean we do video consistently here we batch once a month and, but now we hear every week or month or every few months like oh, this is not what people are liking anymore do this now. And it’s like so it’s tough to keep up. But as long as you’re following certain people in the industry, I feel like you can always catch on and be able to now with the times on everything and having said all that, do you feel that right now? I’m just talking from like a low level if somebody wants to start doing video, would you say that doing like what we call edutainment rather than Is that like the thing right now? Would you say that’s the most important thing rather than doing funny TikTok videos like people were doing the last few years.

Keri White 13:42
Oh, man, I feel like everybody knows my stance on this. I would love to do funny reels and funny TikTok’s all day long. And we do some once in a while. But this is the difference between it’s hard to get started when you have zero videos. It’s hard to get started when you have zero followers. But remember everything that we’ve done in life, whether it’s your first step is a baby, you know, every little first thing always starts with a first. So if you’re doing your videos, and you’re not getting much engagement, you’re not getting many likes, that’s how it’s supposed to be, you know, you’re not on there. Say you do a really funny, TikTok or Reel, you know, goofy one, whatever. If you’re prospecting and you’re, you’re, you know, trying to maybe break into a luxury market as, as Ryan and Robert have in the last few years, which is amazing, like props to that you think if I do this reel and somebody that I’m trying to get a listing for $10 million sees it? Well, they want to work with me. And if you say no, then you should not be doing that type of content on your social media. Because the social media idea is the influence that I need to get a lot of likes, I need to get comments I need to get reshares because that’s you know, that’s to be a real estate influencer. But unless You’re trying to get paid sponsorship ads, or something of the sort that doesn’t bring you in the clients. So even if you don’t have a ton of engagement or likes or whatever it’s slowly built, but when your clientele who are getting referred to or your past clients, they’re seeing you on there and they’re like, Wow, yeah, I haven’t chatted with her in a little while. She was great. We worked with her. But look at all that information she’s giving out look at the market stats and look at the inside tips and the predictions on the market, you know, we should, we should reach out and see what our house was worth or something like that. So it’s really having a game plan for who you want to be seen as and how you want your clients to interpret you. Because the information the education you put out there is still helpful for other agents. So you’ll gain a following in both ways,

Ryan McMillian 15:43
Right? Yeah, I couldn’t, I couldn’t agree more. It’s true. Other people will be watching and they’ll grab value from it, and you’ll get credibility and other groups as well, too. We have a question from Robert Mackay…Okay, question do you come up with is the next you sign for signs? We mute, mute whoever that is. It says how do you come up with original content? Or try things never been done? How do you stay ahead of the curb in a super loud, saturated world? Like Tom says we are all a bag of potato chips.

Keri White 16:17
We are!

Ryan McMillian 16:20
That’s a three-part question from Robert.

Keri White 16:22
I love it. Let’s unpack it. Okay, so first, how to stay? How to Stay consistent and a lot of work in a loud world? Well, I do think you have to be following the social media trends. No, you don’t need to know when the algorithm changes or all these little things. Maybe you do, but really looking at what others are doing and what’s working. But first and foremost is coming to; Who am I as an agent as a person, what’s my avatar? Who do I want to sell homes to or who do I want to attract to be a part of my brokerage and do content that is focused on that. If you know that you’re working in a senior community and you need to do videos on downsizing and estate sales and, and changing property taxes and transferring your property taxes, then that’s that’s your demographic, if you’re working with Gen Zers, then you do you know different type of poppier. TikTok, or reels that have a lot of cuts in them and action, but it’s still information and it’s like sound bites. And so you know, you watch you study, research, what people are doing and what works and you stay true to it just because somebody is on stage and they’re doing a funny TikTok or Instagram, opening doors and saying, like, this is how you see the magic and, and everyone’s laughing, and it doesn’t mean that you should go and recreate things like that, just because somebody else did it. And it works. It’s really identifying who you are and sticky. It’s like, your life, you stick to your morals and values when you have a decision to make about what you’re doing, you know, in life or in a certain moment you think like, what, who do I align with as a person and that’s how you make your decision. So same with your content, you’re constantly thinking, and trust me, we got off track. I mean, my social media team or my assistant was here, they’d be like, yeah, like, every other week, sometimes I’m like, Screw this, like, let’s do some funny rails. I’m so bored with myself. Let’s go do this. And then next, next, oh, never doing that. Again. That was ridiculous. Stop that. So you know, we all still go through the roller coaster. But again, it’s trial and error. And as Tom Ferry said, you’re going to have a ton of donkeys and then a unicorn. So just keep in mind that 80 to 90% of your content is not going to be fireworks, it’s just going to be content because people love to consume. So stay true to who you are and what you want and remember on camera Tanya, Rob’s wife always says hi guys, I guarantee you you are a little level up or a little bit different from who you are just on a one-on-one level like when I’m with my clients, I’m speaking to them and you know this tone of voice matter of fact, but you know, on camera you do level it up and bring a different energy to it. Because that’s what’s that’s what you need to do on camera. But how do you stay ahead of the curve? That is a good one, I think was staying ahead of the curve. I always think about that what’s next it’s really again your research and your influence. So if you’re not just following real estate agents, also following other influencers in different aspects, you see what they’re doing and what they’re talking about. And you know, also what you’re attracted to what makes you click on something, the Learn More button on Instagram, what is that I keep a little note in my phone, anything that I like or anything that I want to emulate or just things to keep in mind. I constantly throw those in there. So I don’t have to do it at all on the spot. And then usually once a week I go through and look at all the notes like what did I like what I take away sometimes I’m like, What the hell was I looking at? That’s stupid. And other times I’m like, wow, I forgot about that. And just knowing that you don’t have To be super different from everybody else, you know what works works, we know that working hard pays off door knocking pays off, calling past clients pays off, doing consistent content pays off. But I think at the end of the day, staying different or staying ahead of the curve would just be, you know, watching, watching what people are doing. Yeah.

Ryan McMillian 20:25
Well, that was great question questions from Robert Mack, is a lot going on in his brain, he put on one comment for you. So what I would like so I know we went heavy on video, we can take a shift here. And then we can also do some questions here. But like, yeah, not necessarily in the video period. But if you have like, I mean, you’ve been doing this for a long time, you’ve obviously stayed relevant, you’ve stayed consistent, you never left the business and you’ve been killing it. So if you have like maybe one to three tips for real estate across the board to stay and have longevity, what would those be right now? What do you have of your 20-year experience? Like? What do you have to tell us? Good question.

Keri White 21:03
Well, like I was saying before, what you did before, is probably not what you need to do to get you to the next level bottom line, you have to constantly be evolving and reinventing yourself. They say, what every 18 months, but really looking at your systems and your avatar and your numbers and saying like, is this working? What do I need to shift and leaning into yourself, the greatness and the path to the life you want will always come from who you are as a person, the skills and the scripts and the systems if you don’t have that within you and that, like inner confidence and inner fire and that like core of who you are and what you want. And that could be wanting to serve all the people ages this to this and this community because of some reason or to serve a community that, you know, as part of a church group, or whatever it is like, if you really have that burning desire, and you’re open to constantly learning from it and evolving with it. That will create longevity, because you have to really, really love real estate to be in real estate. Because real estate, I would say is one of the hardest industries in the world. And it is portrayed as mansions and heels. I don’t know why that happens. I don’t blame HGTV because we all thought that prior to all those shows, we all thought it was mansions in heels, you know, and people like seeing that. But you know, home ownership creates a path for people to get ahead and own to have wealth that not many professions offer to a lower middle-class American. You know, if you’re out of a job due to an illness, if you’re a single mom or single dad, if you’re a renter, you can mean you’re two steps away from being homeless. If you’re a homeowner, you get to rely on that equity to help you transition into, you know, a single-story home or a retire retirement home. But seeing the way that homeownership has changed people’s lives and help them get ahead financially, helps me believe in it even more to help people understand the importance of it. And, you know, yeah, so I don’t know where the question started with longevity. Yes.

Ryan McMillian 23:28
It’s just tips on tips on like how to stay in the business, how to continue to be successful. I mean, as you said, your evolving, but I just was curious to know, if you had, you know, things that you’ve learned or aha moments over the past 20-plus years, like that have kept you in the game. And you know, if you just had any tips or advice that was kind of question. Yeah,

Keri White 23:47
Right. Right. Right. Okay. Yeah, it just constantly be evolving. Know that it sucks and love what you do. Yeah.

Ryan McMillian 23:56
Yeah, I mean, it’s true. I always tell agents on our team to and whether in a rut or not, you know, boring shit is what makes success. Oh, my God, the boring stuff, right? And years and years and hours and hours of the boring stuff is what makes agents successful. You don’t see all that on social media on TV. They open up, escrow in two minutes on HGTV and see the six to eight months before that, right?

Keri White 24:21
So exactly. Yeah, it is. You get to a point. When you’re first in real estate, you meet someone who says they might buy a house and you’re like, I sold a house that sold it. Oh my God, it was gorgeous. You know, and then once you’re in the business, you realize you could someone could say what about a house, go see a bunch of houses, write an offer and then never buy a house? Right? So you know, your whole perspective on real estate changes as to what excites you and yes, sometimes you can get cheated. When you have gotten to a certain place and you are selling a lot of homes and things are consistent. But you know that the market will always shift and always knock you on your ass. So staying grateful and staying connected to what you want and what you want to achieve is really important for longevity, getting into other aspects of real estate to like growing a team buying investment properties, flipping, you know, there’s a whole beautiful world out there for real estate. I was laughing like, oh, I’m in real estate and like, what does that even mean? Like you’re in real estate, you’re in a house. You know, you sell real estate, you sell commercial, you sell, you know, apartment buildings, you run a brokerage, you’re a property management, you’re a VC, you know, there’s so many different aspects of it.

Ryan McMillian 25:29
well, thank you again, for taking the time. I think maybe now we’re at 11 o’clock. Let’s open up. If anybody has questions, please feel free to type them or hop on open, turn your camera on and just unmute and ask questions for Keri here. We’ll take some time for that now.

Keri White 25:45
Yeah, I wanted to say something. I was listening to the KC of webinars, has everybody follow KCM or listen to their webinars, they’re literally they’re so overwhelming. They’re so good. There’s so much wonderful information. But Dave Childers starts this webinar a couple weeks ago, and he goes with his like, little cadence in his voice. What will stop you from having success in the spring market in 2023? And these comments from agents, were all like, interest rates, inventory, my mindset, just all this negativity. And I was looking at these responses in the chat like, Dave asked you what’s going to stop your success. And you all gave them a bunch of reasons. Nobody in there said nothing will stop my success. I am in control of my future. And I was blown away. And it just reminded me of, of how the only reason we play small is because we think we can’t play big. And as cliche as it is the mindset is everything when it comes to this business. That wasn’t a question. But that was just a reminder

Ryan McMillian 26:50
I 100% Agree, mindset is literally the foundation for this business, for sure. I mean, you could have a great month, and the next day, you could wake up and be down on the dumps, and you could throw everything off. So it’s absolutely true.

Keri White 27:02
Yeah. And it’s these things growing and being open to learning. And you may think you know, everything about real estate, because you’ve been doing it a long time, or you sell a lot of houses, but there’s always something to learn. So, as we call Robert Mack L to LTL love to learn, you know, he’s always a student of life and a student of these conferences even more like, Oh, my God, we’ve been so many times, but like, he’s always inspired me to try to be open to learning still more, because you know, everything is changing all the time. And Brian joining his team a few years ago, it’s like you were the sponge or like, just give it to me, just give it to me, I’ll do it. And it’s very powerful to see people use the tools and, and to be, you know, students of the real estate world. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Ryan McMillian 27:48
He’s definitely a sponge and has displayed and given some knowledge to everybody else, that’s for sure. Yeah, questions. Anybody questions?

Keri White 27:57
Any questions? Don’t be shy.

Ryan McMillian 27:59
Don’t be shy. Unmute. Say hello. Ask me a question. This is your chance. You may never see her again.

Keri White 28:05
Yeah, throw in your Instagram handle to the chat. So everybody could follow each other and that has no likes. Give them a like. Throw them a comment. You know, if you don’t know them, it means a lot to them, but also helps them want to keep going. You know? Yeah. Yeah. Great. You have a great group of people on here.

Ryan McMillian 28:29
Yes, we do. Okay, let me see. Handles are coming in. Handles are coming in. I don’t have a question yet. Let’s see if anybody else has. We got Okay, there we go.

Keri White 28:45
Ryan, how do you feel like your social media? Oh, we have a hand up. I love that.

Ryan McMillian 28:49
We have a hand up.

Unknown Speaker 28:50
Yes. I have a question. Serious? I have a question. So as agents with the look, I’m a new agent, by the way. I’ve been licensed. About a month. And I’m learning all the different aspects and how to work things. Well, with the recent change in the interest rates yesterday, how should we I think even the customers that are that we’re working with currently, things might change for them quickly, right? Like, what they’re looking at today. Might not be what they qualify for next week. So how did what do we do to like how to what are your thoughts on explaining that to them and getting them down and closing on that investor home or whatever?

Keri White 29:48
Yeah. Well, congrats on getting into real estate. The world is your oyster. Kudos. Yeah. It’s a great question. When I’m talking to a client It’s not many of them are bringing up interest rates. By the way, sometimes what we’re hearing from other real estate agents and the news media makes us think all these clients are upset about rates. But talking to them about what their payment is, right, we actually made an interest rate chart, I don’t even know where we got it from, like, I stole it from somebody like something online, and then I added to it, but I say to them, Hey, rates dropped to 6.44 yesterday, which may not sound good historically. But remember, they were at 7.213 weeks ago. And by the way, if you’re looking at a million-dollar house, your payment changes X amount based on the interest rate. So just keep that in mind when you’re looking at that. If it’s a million dollar property, and the rate six and a half, or if it goes up to seven, you know, you’re at seven $800 a month, different sometimes. So the interest rate and your monthly payments, where we should always start from one we’re looking, but at the same time using the graphics we have from Keeping Current Matters or just looking at the history of interest rates, like Where have they been, you know, very, they were at the lowest point they’ve ever been in like since before the 80s. So what we had was a teaser market was a teaser price to get back in it flooded the market because there is such an inventory problem. And right now the normalcy is going to be a five to a 7% rate for the foreseeable future. So I talked to them about rate buy downs, I talked to them about seller concessions, I talked to them about that most people when they have a relationship banking lender, it’s most of my clients are getting four and a half to 5% right now on their purchases, because they have really good credit in their in with their, their banker, you know, the six and a half to seven normal rate is not what most consumers are actually locking into. And then I also talk about the seven to 10-year arms, like do you think you’ll be in this house seven to 10 years from now? Probably not. And if you are, that’s okay, you have a chance to refinance. But the bottom line is, don’t expect that rate or that price to change, you probably will be able to refinance or get something lower, but you have to be comfortable with what with what that is. And again, looking at the stats like well, if rates don’t go down, and prices still go up, then what will you do? Right? So sometimes people need a little bit of time, they need six months to watch as the market doesn’t change. But if they’re, they’re really, really smart. They see that milk, okay, yeah, let’s just buy but sometimes you’ll just need to lose a little before they win. So don’t get frustrated by them not being ready right now. But just really come from I say, the be the knowledge broker, but come from a state of facts, show them what it means to them, and what could happen, good or bad, and say, Hey, what’s your planning? What’s your plan B? Then they can at least wrap their head around what they’re actually doing to buy that house or build their financial future.

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